The Best Gift Exchange Gift Ideas Under $25

The Best Gift Exchange Gift Ideas Under $25

The Best Gift Exchange Gift Ideas Under $25

It's the final countdown, cue the lights and the glory because we're at the finish line. Now we all know that as much as we try there's always a gift exchange we miss or get stuck on. 

Here is your get-out-of-jail-free card, and your gift exchange list. Various price points and interests.

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 1. Velvet Jewelry Box: Love this as a gift because anyone can make use of it. It's so practical and as a jewelry box, the velvet makes it so pretty.

2Phlur Perfume: Perfume on the go is so helpful for trips and the day-to-day. This Phlur Perfume smells fantastic!  

3. Milk Frother: For the coffee lover or novice who wants to venture into the delicious world of coffee.


4. Hot Pink Vase: Let's be real, gifts because they are simply wonderful to look at exist. Hence this Hot Pink Vase. A great choice for the bold! 

5. Gold Hoops: I love, love, love these Gold Hoops. I sport them everywhere. 

6. Crystal Wine Coaster: Crystal Wine Coasters are a perfect gift for anyone who is big on hosting, has a new home, or to add to their holiday decor. 

7. DAE Deep Conditioning Treatment: Who doesn't want luscious hair?! 

8. The Laundress Signature Detergent: For the luxurious experience on laundry day. 

9. Glass Ring Dish: So delicate and unique, this Glass Ring Dish would be loved by whomever.