Back to School Favorites for Little Girls

Back to School Favorites for Little Girls

Back to School Favorites for Little Girls

School has started! That bittersweet feeling every year when we prepare our little humans for another year of growth and fun. Now back to school also means getting all our favorites together so we're making the best budget and quality choices for our little girls. From dresses to lunch bags, we've got it covered!  

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1. 2 Pack Cotton Dress: It's all fun and games to buy our girls' pretty dresses for school until they come back home dirty, stained, or worse with rips and tears. A 2 Pack of Cotton Dresses is the solution! Affordable, breathable material, much easier to fix if you want to keep them as long as possible, and the designs are so fun. 

2. Waterproof Cosmetic Bags: We all love a great dupe! These Waterproof Cosmetic Bags are just as cute as the real deal for a more affordable price (2 for the price of 1). They are great to keep essentials in backpacks for easy access.  

3. Knee Socks: Socks should never be boring! These colorful knee socks are adorable and super functional. 

4. Lunchbox: I love this Bento box-style Lunchbox. With a hard, durable exterior, it comes with two tight clasps, and 5 compartments for food. It's leakproof and BPA-free. 

5. Pencil Box Set: I can't be the only one who feels that pencil boxes can fall apart relatively easily due to wear and tear. This Pencil Box set comes with 3 boxes. Use one, keep the other two for backups, or even use them at home for school supply storage. 

6. Markers & Crayons: Markers, crayons, and colored pencils are the essentials! The price for a 3 pack is unbeatable. 

7. Girls' Denim Jacket I'm a huge fan of Denim Jackets for back-to-school. They aren't dreadfully heavy jackets and are easy to layer with for those breezy mornings and hot afternoons. 

8. Lunch Bag: If your little one's book bag doesn't come with a lunch box compartment then a Lunch Bag is your solution to keeping food and drinks cool and safe. 

9. Rain Coat: Durable Rain Coats are so hard to come by. I find that the cuter they are the less they last and who wants to give up quality for the look? I  rely on Columbia! Amazing quality materials and a great variety of colors to make your little girl happy! This one is easy to fold up as well. 

10. Knit Cardigan: Whether your daughter is in a uniform school or not this Knit Cardigan is a great addition to their school wardrobe. The knit material is sturdy and quite durable. A great layering piece and handy for school events and pictures. 

11. Legging Set: Another back-to-school essential, leggings! I swear these girls think they're track stars the moment they get to school and jeans just don't cut it. The flexibility they give their growing bodies is a plus and the price doesn't break the budget for multiples. 

12. Sneakers: How cute are these Skechers Unicorn Craze Sneakers?! Absolutely adorable, a reliable brand and they don't break the bank.