What's In Our Pool Bag: Summer Must Haves for Ages 4-8

What's In Our Pool Bag: Summer Must Haves for Ages 4-8


What's In Our Pool Bag: Summer Must Haves for Ages 4-8

Summer is in T-minus 23 days and I'm trying to get you prepped and ready to go hit the pool with no stress and all the fun. Today I'm giving you the inside scoop on What's In Our Pool Bag. 

Everything from the kid's pool toys, to the best sunscreens for them and me, and even my go-to Summer cup. All picked to be convenient and pack well. No massive bags and unorganized essentials. 

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1. Dive Toys: I find Dive Toys essential at this point. This pack is a great bang for your buck. Thirty pieces in the pack come with their own bag for storage too. Makes for all-day fun, and family competitions, and is quite helpful for beginner swimmers. I know a grandmother who learned how to swim with dive toys. Her granddaughter kept throwing them in and helping her retrieve them! Well worth it. 

2. Googles w/UV Protection: I'll be honest I never really thought about the effect of the reflection of the sun in the pool before but since I found these with UV Protection I've changed all the kids' Goggles. Paired with an anti-fog feature, they make me feel better and the kids love using them to dive. 

3. Kids Water Bottle: You don't want to ever be searching for cool drinks for your kids in the heat. Sometimes having a cooler full of ice and juice or water isn't feasible. This Yeti Kids Water Bottle saves you the stress. Much like the adult bottles, these tumblers keep drinks super cold for hours at a time. It comes with a built-in straw for easy drinking on the go and a cute handle for carrying. 

4. Kids SPF 50 Waterproof Hat: I use to get so frustrated buying hats for the kids because if they were great for outdoor activities they were horrible in water. These Kids SPF 50 Waterproof Hats are baseball-style and work great. Light and airy for comfort and don't get soggy! 

5. Leave-In Hair Protectant: SoCozy's Leave-In Protectant was voted the best leave-in swim spray and I love it. It keeps Georgia's hair so hydrated and easy to detangle after a long day of sun and chlorine. I try and spray it once we're leaving so that shower time is easier!

6. Mermaid Toys: Mermaid Toys are so fun for the kids. Georgie always makes friends at the pool with a handful of these. Throw them and dive, or play doll. Either way, it keeps them busy and entertained. 

7. My Water Bottle: I want you to read my next sentence as if I'm yelling in the most excited voice ever. Go buy this water bottle it will change your life! My Yeti is absolutely amazing and worth every single penny. Whether it's juice, water, and mommy juice ;) your drink will stay cold - legitimately cold - with solid ice for hours on end. Or if you prefer your coffee all day, that is fine because this will keep it warm for just as long! 

8. Spinning Snack Tray: The Wheel of Fortune of treats haha! Compact enough for a pool bag has, 5 compartments, and the spin feature makes choosing a snack fun. Kids love it. 

9. Lacrosse Game: This Lacrosse Game set is a new addition for us! Not the easiest to store in a pool bag but fits well enough and the kids like carrying the pieces around haha. Lacrosse is a fun Summer game for all ages and can be played inside and out of the pool.

10. Mesh Zipper Pouches: I definitely do not like things thrown around an already full pool bag so this set of Mesh Zipper Pouches comes in handy! I'm able to organize extras (think first aid/sun protection/snacks). They're also useful for storing dry clothes after the pool. If you're looking for a water-resistant option for wet clothes try here

11. Kids Sunscreen Face Stick: I've been using ThinkBaby body and face sunscreen for some time now and find it very reliable. With kids running wild to jump in the pool I don't really have time to be rubbing in cream sunscreen. I find the stick version to be so much easier to use and the kids tolerate the feeling. Also - there's no chance of spills or leaks. Spilled sunscreen is a nightmare.

12. Microfiber Beach Towels: Once I tried the Microfiber Beach Towel I couldn't go back to traditional cotton towels. Yes that fluffier feel is gone but, and this is a huge but - the space I save and convenience is incredible. I'm handling 3-4 bodies that need towels to dry up for the day. Having to handle that weight of wet towels is dreadful. Then the potential smell if you're human and have forgotten them in the car?! Never again. Microfiber towels are quick drying and get rid of sand so fast. 

13. My Sunscreen: The Supergoop phenomenon is real and well worth it. The glow screen option feels like a buttery makeup primer and can be used as such, hint-hint. And the glow?! Flawless and fresh all day. SPF 40 is great for the face and body. If you're not so into the highlight look then try their matte version. Also amazing. 

14. Collapsible Buckets: Collapsible buckets are a space saver. The days of carrying a net bag of bulky and noisy buckets are over. A three-bucket set that is great for sharing too. 

15. Kids Sunglasses: Purchasing sunnies for myself is always fun but kids also need the same protection. I like the simple design of these Kids Sunglasses, very reminiscent of a luxury brand name. They come in so many color variations and are affordable.