The Best Neutral Sandals For Spring

The Best Nude Sandals For Spring

The past few weeks have been dedicated to our most precious little ones and getting things together for them. Now we're back to self-care and self-prep. What better way to do that than to talk about holy grail topics?! SHOES! We're going over the Best Nude Sandals for Spring! 

I've got some awesome dupes for you and even more exciting, promo codes! Keep an eye out for those codes throughout the post. If you see something you like, don't walk - run because I promise you they are going to sell and fast. All different price points and heel heights for all ages. 

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1. Braided Heel: Braided Heels came out this season to save the day. The braided straps are comfy and do not dig into your feet. The square toe in front is super chic and in style, plus the textured heel makes this a wonderfully stylish option for any event. I'm talking brunch with the girls, date night, and even family gatherings where you're running after little humans all day. Snag these with extra $ off with code OLIVEANDTATE15. 

2. Tortoise Shell Slide: I love everything Tortoise Shell and these Slides deliver. That buckle design guys?! A chef's kiss! Sam Edelman shoes have a wonderful reputation for being comfortable which is always important. The ivory color strap, comfy cushion sole, and unique buckle design make these slides a no-brainer. 

3. Beaded Sandal: These Beaded Sandals are giving total "I'm young, wild, and free" vibes, and age is really a mindset right?! The beading detail is gorgeous and of such great quality. A total stunner for this Spring and even Summer. Snag these with extra $ off with code OLIVEANDTATE15. 

 4. Low Heeled Off-White Sandal: It can be challenging to find a white sandal for the Spring worth the purchase. I own and love these Low Heeled Off-White Sandals. I promise you they are worth every penny. So comfortable and they run true to size. The off-white color is beautiful for Springtime attire and the strap design is so trendy. Snag these with extra $ off with code OLIVEANDTATE15.

5. Strappy Slide: This Strappy Slide is a more vibrant nude color for your collection. These slides are great to match with a pretty sundress or linen shorts for a casual yet fashionable look. Snag these with extra $ off with code OLIVEANDTATE15.

 6. Heeled Thin Strap Sandal: This is a staple basic; the Heeled Thin Strap Sandal is the perfect shoe for on-the-go events (kid's parties, baby showers) and formal occasions where you're expected to wear a pump but can get away with a shorter heel. These are a dupe for a much pricier shoe and in the words of the tik tok gods, "nobody's going to know". 

7. Nude Thin Strap Sandal: Another dupe for a pricier pair, a Nude Thin Strap Sandal is essential for the Spring and Summer. Simple, the classic nude color, and easy to maneuver in. 

8. Double Knotted Slide Sandals: Target has been dropping gems all year and they came to work with their shoe game. Double Knotted Slide Sandals were the style I never knew I needed and want now in every color.  The cloth knotted wrap is so stylish (heads up they come in different vibrant colors too - swoon) and the cushiony sole is perf. 

 9. Raffa Slip On Sandals: Different textures on shoes are exciting for any shoe lover! You have texture, a beautiful color, and a wooden detail on the heel of these Raffa Slip On Sandals. 

10. Raffa Twist Slides: The square toe heel is definitely in this year and the combination with the Raffa Twist strap makes these sandals stunning. A low heel for anyone who doesn't want the extra height but with a textured design to be a fashionable addition to any wardrobe.