Easter Basket Ideas for Girls


Spring is here, the weather is finally coming around, and it's almost time for the Easter Bunny! Every year the kids get custom Easter Baskets and I just love how you can really appeal to each child's personality with what you fill them with. Candy and cards are always a solid default (no shame here!) but if you're in the spirit and love the opportunity to shake things up then I have the list for you. 

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1. Easter Bunny Go Fish: Classic card game for anyone over the age of 4, especially for all the gram grams. Go Fish Easter Bunny edition is super adorable and a nice way to get the kids to play together after the egg hunt! 

2. Pop It Purse: This Pop It Purse just screams my mom is the bomb- haha. I kid you not, I think I need one. Absolutely adorable design, the shoulder strap means they can keep it close (not a big risk of losing it immediately) and they can fit small items in there - think chapstick or some change.  

3. Egg Sidewalk Chalk: I personally love chalk. It's low on the messy side of arts and crafts which is great. These Egg Sidewalk Chalks are awesome for younger girls. They are better for grip and motor skills. The pack comes in a bunch of different colors too! 

4. Color by Numbers: An on-the-go coloring pad can always come in handy and this Color by Number from Melissa and Doug is so neat. 6 markers of different colors, with 12 pages of cool designs of all sorts. There are kittens, dolphins, cupcakes, and unicorns!

5. Mermaid Hair Towel: The Mermaid trend has gotten a great deal of traction in the last two years and I find all the accessories so cute. This Mermaid Hair Towel is fun, at home or for the beach/pool it works to pick up their hair and keep it wrapped. It's easy to use with a simple button to keep it all together. 

6. Llama Wet Brush: Wet Brush's are the real deal and part of the holy grail of hair care. They detangle so well without ripping out huge clumps of hair. Ever since I started using this Unicorn Wet Brush with Georgia I have noticed that washing and styling her hair has gotten significantly better. 

7. Crew Socks: I know it's "old school" but I still stand by the notion that socks as a gift are cool. This pack of Crew Socks sports some fun, playful designs and are really versatile. Plus they roll up nicely in the basket and can be used to fill space. 

8. Skort: The Skort has made its come back and I'm excited for every young girl ever! This is an Easter Basket must-have! Being able to run around in a skirt and not worry about too much showing or the skirt flailing all willy nilly is reassuring. 3 pack here with the best designs and colors. 

9. Fish Bubble Guns: What little kid doesn't like bubbles?! These Fish Bubble Guns come two in a pack and are a no-fuss toy. I like setting them up before they get in the basket so there's no looking for batteries or spilling the bubbles, everything is ready to go. An affordable toy that will last as long as it needs to. 

10. Communication Cards: Believe it or not these Communication Cards are an amazing Easter Basket addition. Quite the unconventional basket gift but they are a perfect gateway to having all the important conversations we need to have with our children in a non-threatening or intimidating manner. Giving it to them during a festive occasion makes me feel they will then associate the experience with a wonderful moment.