Best Kid's Shampoos To Tackle Pool Hair

Best Kid's Shampoos To Tackle Pool Hair

Best Kid's Shampoos To Tackle Pool Hair


Spring is in full effect, but a mother's brain never stops. I know I'm not the only one in Summer planning mode already - admit it - it's the first step in recovery haha. I have reached out to the masses to know what is something you'd like some insight on or struggle with. It takes a village y'all and the council has spoken.

We're getting into the most popular recommendations by my followers on the Best Kid's Shampoos to Tackle Pool Hair! You guys have put me, and now the world, onto the best picks that include a budget-friendly choice, shampoo to tackle that gross green chlorine hair, and the best hair and conditioner combo! 

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1. SoCozy Swim 3in1: Convenience is key in motherhood and SoCozy Swim 3n1 came in as the best shampoo and conditioner option. If you have a squirmy little one who hates bath time and runs with dread once the water starts running this will certainly help speed up the hair washing process. 

2. SoCozy Swim Spray | Leave-In Treatment & Conditioner: SoCozy's Swim Spray | Leave-In Treatment & Conditioner was recommended most for the best leave-in spray! When you have kids with long locks and all the energy under the sun to do a million cannonballs you need a strong leave-in spray to hydrate and condition that hair.  

3. Johnson's Kids Curl Defining Shampoo: This Johnson's Curl Defining Shampoo and Leave-In is for the curly q's of the group. I love that this wash is paraben, sulfate, and dye-free for formula. Everything is necessary to keep curls strong and damage-free. The shea butter is for extra lock-in moisture and is super gentle. 

4. Malibu C Swimmers Wellness Shampoo: This swimmers wellness shampoo by Malibu C is the ultimate hydrating option with added vitamin C and all natural ingredients. It tackles reside from sweaty hair and products added to the hair and leaves their locks in a manageable state. 

5. Fairy Tales Lifeguard Shampoo and Conditioner: Fairy Tales Lifeguard Shampoo and Conditioner came in as a handy travel option! When going to the beach or pool or even vacation no one wants to carry large bottles of product and a travel set is always great. This option is also safe for color treated hair for moms and dads! 

6. Ultra Swim: One of the biggest concerns amongst my followers was the gross green color their kids' hair was getting from chlorine exposure. Ultra Swim was by far the most popular recommendation to treat exposed hair. This was also the best budget option shampoo! Talk about bang for your buck.

7. Snip-its Natural Swim Shampoo for Kids: Snip-Its Natural Swim Shampoo for Kids came in strong as the best tear-free option for kids with sensitive skin and scalps. It's an all-natural formula, vowing to not fight chemicals with more chemicals - brilliant! It's also another great option for chlorine and residue removal in hair.