Currently Sourcing: Budget Framed Wall Art


Budget Framed Wall Art from Target

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Some of you may remember that we have a spot in our home that was once known as "The Hole". During renovations, we opened up the walls, removed doors and door casings and removed a full floor to ceiling pantry to open the space. 

We love the results, it's changed the flow of the downstairs in a dramatic way but now we have a naked wall or two that need some attention! Post massive renovation, I am really not looking for a budget buster, but do want to find a framed art piece to fill the space. 

I managed to find seven pieces, all framed and under $75! I think the vibe of each piece is stunning and with those price points I may need to pick up a larger piece and this little stunner for under $20.

Currently Sourcing: Budget Framed Wall Art

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