Budget Friendly Back To School Kid's Wardrobe

Budget Back To School Kid's Wardrobe

Ok, let's be honest, the upcoming school year is a complete and total wild card. 

Some of us know what the plan is for our families and some of us don't. Some of us are reaching way out of our comfort zones to homeschool and some of us are reaching way out to send our kids back in person. 

No matter the decisions for the 2020-2021 school year, I do know one thing: 

our kids spent the summer growing right out of their clothes.

Budget Back To School Kid's Wardrobe

Truly, my kids grown like weeds and even if we don't go back to school in person, I always stock them up on basics at the end of the Summer. 

Each year, I'm really excited to partner with Walmart for my Back To School post because my kids truly wear the Wonder Nation line of clothing all year long. 

Budget Back To School Kid's Wardrobe

For Gray, who does have a very loose school dress code, we stock up on tees, polos, shorts and the amazing reinforced knee pants in basic colors.

 I take his tees and polos to a local monogrammer to add his initials in contrasting colors - and some head to my mother in law for fun stitched decals with his name and fave things. 

Budget Back To School Kid's Wardrobe
(peep that $4 polo from last year!)

I actually went through his drawers recently to pull out the things he's outgrown and it was clear to me that all of his Wonder Nation gear is still in perfect shape. I

 would guess each piece has been washed and worn hundreds of times over the past year and each has held up perfectly. If he wasn't growing like a weed, we wouldn't need to stock up as much! 

As a boy mom, I have to mention that the pants and shorts each have adjustable waists and the pants have reinforced knees, built in stain repellent and are wrinkle free. 

If you have a rough and tumble one, you're going to want these pants. I'm always thankful for the adjustable waist because Gray is super slender but needs the length - so we're able to spare him from high waters and just cinch that waist in. 

Budget Back To School Kid's Wardrobe

All of the Wonder Nation line is tag free, which is perfect for sensory babes or those who just can't stand that itch. Honestly, it's the little things and the tagless tees in super soft cotton really make us happy. 

There is also a pair of pants that is pull on with a draw string waist, which means no one is fumbling with a zipper and button fly. 

Budget Back To School Kid's Wardrobe

For Georgia, I meet her current fashion requests of "twirly" dresses and "pants" under them. She must always have a layer under her dresses so I've convinced her that these little shorts from Walmart are indeed "pants" so she doesn't expire in the North Carolina heat. 

I also love that they protect her modesty as she is full tilt, full twirl, all the time. 

Budget Back To School Kid's Wardrobe

The dresses we grab for her are soft, easy and perfect for school crafts and play. She's comfy and can twirl and her dresses can take many after school washes. 

If you're avoiding in person shopping, Walmart offers curbside pickup and 2 day delivery on tons of items 
- we're big two day delivery fans around here!