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Amazon Notables June and July

As seen on Instagram stories June and July

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Amazon Favorites

Wearing size Large in the black, high waist compression shorts. Available up the 3X and in a ton of colors. 

The rise is above my belly button and I'm surprised how comfortable they are. They really feel like running around in leggings - just not as hot. At first, I didn't think I could possible rock this trend, but Summer in the South is not for the faint of hart and I might just be converted! 

Buy them here!

My new pool bag is the Bogg Bag in XL - it's waterproof, lightweight, holds a ton of stuff and is the new love of my life. The XL size comes with two built in acrylic pouches for storage. 

Buy the XL here!

The Small Bogg Bag, pictured in orange, is this month's Instagram engagement prize! It has one attached acrylic pouch and is a great size! 

Buy it here!

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