2020 Swimwear Try On: Rash Guards, High End Suits and Tankinis

Hey friends! 

Let's hit another round of swim try ons, this time covering your specific requests: nursing friendly, tankinis, rash guards and the high end swim line Summersault.

I managed to find some options that I actually think can meet the needs of a few of the requests at once - for example, the short sleeve rash guards also make great nursing suits as the zip open past the boobs.

Make sure to watch the videos on my Instagram feed (via the Swim 2020 highlight) to see my initial and unfiltered reactions.

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My Stats:

5'9" tall
D cup with not much natural lift left (thank you, offspring)
Size Large in tops 
Size 29-30 in denim, depending on the rise and cut
Size Large in dresses 
Consider myself to be an 8-10 overall

Ok, let's start with the rash guards!

Zip Front One Piece Rashguard: um, hello, if this is how cute a rash guard can be then sign me right up. I do realized that this is a short sleeve rash guard but the back and chest are completely covered. I

 love this shade of royal blue (the zipper is black) and the ruffle sleeve. 

I felt really trendy and cute in this. The zipper is fully functional, making it an option for those who are nursing. 

The tummy area has slight rouching and the suit promises to have "tummy control" built in. 
I did feel like my belly was nice and held in, so I'm here for it! 

As a heads up, it's much easier to get on if you unzip the zipper first - and it took a bit of wiggling, but give yourself a second to get into it (it's not that it's tight, just needs a second of sorting things out) and you'll love it. 

Honestly, I was blown away by how good I felt in it.

Bust: firm pads in each cup, held in by lining on either side of the zipper 

Rear: fair coverage, a handful of cheek out to play but very comfy 

Shown In: navy - there are tons of colors and patterns! 

Wearing: Size L (US 12-14)

UV Protection Rash Guard (short or long sleeve!): I am showing this in the short sleeve version but it does come in a long sleeve for those of you who are in the market! 

This rash guard has a true sporty look with a low leg opening, complete and full bottom coverage and a zipper that unzips all the way to belly button. 

The vertical seams on the front are very slimming and it was super comfy to wear. Un zip it before getting it on and you'll be all set. The listing notes that the material is UPF 50+. 

Heads up, I sized up in this one to an XL

Bust: firm, hard cups that are held in place with lining

Rear: full coverage

Shown In: black short sleeve, available in a ton of colors and patterns with two sleeve options 

Wearing: size XL

Mesh Halter Tankini: I love the color of this suit and the halter neck with sweetheart cups is so dang flattering on so many shapes. 

There is great rouching on the top in the tummy area, it's long enough that it hits or passes the hip, depending on your torso length and the fabric feels sturdy. T

he absolute best part of this suit is the bottom - the bikini bottom has a thick, high waist that doubles down on tummy support.

 It's soft, doesn't dig into your mid section and won't let any skin show when you dart after a baby. 

If you're nursing, you can pull the top right up and you're all set. 

Bust: soft cups with light lining, not quite a true shelf bra, but a soft elastic band to keep the cups in place

Rear: nearly full, just a little playful cheek

Shown In: Navy

Wearing: Large (US 12-14)

One Shoulder Tankini: *update* I am dying. I am wearing the strap across the back when it's meant to be across the front!

 I happen to think it's gorgeous across the back but you know, please note it will look different in the listing photo! 

The strap detail on this suit is the showstopper. 

The strap is wide and soft, so it won't dig in if you're busty and really makes a great statement across the back. Heavy rouching and a longer top help hide the tummy and make for a flattering fit. 

As a heads up, the bottom on this suit is a true bikini bottom. 

It is much smaller than I really anticipated so if you were to run or reach or grab, etc, there might be a chance of lower tummy skin showing. 

The longer top should keep everything in check but we all know how wild those babes get at the pool! 

Bust: small cups that I would personally remove

Rear: cheeky, a full handful out to play 

Shown In: Navy Blue, lots of gorgeous jewel tones available 

Wearing: size L

Summersault Sidestroke One Piece: I've spotted this particular suit on women at the pool and truly thought they looked spectacular. 

I have wanted to try on Summersalt suits for a while but with a $95 price point, it just felt like a big jump from our usual suspects. I'll be honet, when I first tried on the Sidestroke, I was taken aback that it had absolutely zero breast support.

 And I mean zero. I could see nips popping out and that was on dry land. The suit has no cups, no bra and nothing to hold breasts in place. 

Now, I will say this. Upon looking back at the videos and photos post shock of the initial try on, I do think the Sidestroke is extremely flattering. The material is pulled and shaped just right to really highlight your figure.

After getting over my initial shock of the no cup support, I started to really love the suit. I kept this one!

Bottom Line: the suit is gorgeous in construction and shape. The cut is flattering on the midsection, the waist and the leg. The top is taunt and meant to hold in the breasts but if you are very busty, you may or may not be comfortable with that option. 

Bust: see above

Rear: full coverage

Shown In: Navy - this suit is well known for the gorgeous color blocking options

Wearing: Size 10 (I say size large in the videos, but that's my mistake)

Summersault Sunbather One Piece: unfortunately, I was not blown away by the quality of this suit. The lining itself showed across the top seam in a very noticeable way, making it hard for me to concentrate on anything else. It could have just been the way the suit fit my particular body, but for the price point, I couldn't ignore that.

 The color and placement of the color blocks are both fun and flattering - I love a pink and orange combo. Sorry for the photo, it's a screen shot from the Instagram video! 

Bust: shelf bra with soft cups

Rear: a handful of cheek out to play

Shown In: Lava & Hibiscus, available in fun color combos! 

Wearing: 10

Summersault Marina One Piece: I love the fit of this suit! 

It's very clean and almost has a sporty feel, with the color shape and placement creating super flattering lines. 

The cut is simple but the details really elevate how it looks on, plus it's got everything locked and loaded so it's perfect for running around the splash pad. The straps are adjustable for extra support, if needed! 

Bust: thin cups on each side with a band to hold the cups in place (not a full shelf bra)

Rear: cheeky!

Shown In: Atlantic & Sea Urchin & White Sand, available in solids and prints

Wearing: 10