Boobies! (and other body parts)

How to repair Winter Skin

This post is sponsored by Colleen Rothschild, all opinions are my own. 

Gather 'round friends, today we're talking arms, legs, bellies and, yes, boobies!

With warmer temps fast approaching and Spring Break bearing down on me, swimsuit try ons have been hitting my feed. Naturally, strapping myself into swimsuits during the mid-February slump has brought a few things to my attention, and while some of them involve a long over due appointment with my poor, unsuspecting waxer, the overall tone and texture of my skin has also hit my radar. And by texture I mean roughness. Like, my elbows are so dry that they ache. My winter skin literally hurts from lack of moisture and overall neglect, and all care of yours truly. 

How to repair Winter Skin

On top of all that (yes, there's more), I've been pulling my boobies in and out, up and around, forward and together thanks to deep v monokinis and the like. With all the ta ta grabbing going on, it reminded me that, at my age, I should be getting fresh with my ladies on a monthly basis to ensure that I don't miss any lumps or bumps that need to be check by my doc.
And if I should be doing it, then you should be, too! 

So when Colleen Rothschild asked if I wanted to give their new body line a test run, I said "absolutely!" but with one caveat: that I also got to share what I consider to be the best product in their line up: the Breast Friend Self Exam Butter. 

Self Breast Exam Must Have

Self Breast Exam Must Have

First and foremost, how cute is this packaging? Colleen designed and sketched it herself, complete with instructions right on the container, to make the process of monthly self breast checks cute and easy. The butter is, naturally, pink and smells Heavenly with a soft scent of rose. Bonus: it was designed to be very slippery to help your fingers get down to the business of checking. 

Self Breast Exam Must Have

Approximately 1 in 8 American women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime and self breast exams are the first and most crucial step to an early diagnosis. No matter how you remind yourself to do a monthly check, please ensure that you take care of your boobs! 

Ok, now lets talk about Winter body woes, shall we.

I recently tackled the skin on my face and neck so it only makes sense that I start considering what's hidden under my turtle neck. I'm dry, cracking, rough, patchy and itchy, none of which is a good look. And seeing as I don't have any hesitation to show it all on the 'gram in my swimmies, it's probably best that I get on the exfoliating and hydrating. 

How to repair Winter Skin

The new Colleen Rothschild Bath and Body Care line is extremely luxurious and made my dated master bath feel like a visit to five star spa. I put the honey vanilla Body Scrub to the test against the "chicken skin" on the back of arms (oh yeah, I have that) and am in love with the exfoliators paired with a total of five oils to ensure that your skin stays nourished during the scrub down. I followed the Scrub with Creamy Oil Body Wash to lock in that moisture on my freshly buffed outer layer and sealed it all in with a thick layer of the Body Butter, which by the way, smells amazing. A few more rounds of this treatment and I'm going to be a whole new girl. 

In all seriousness, please remember to schedule that monthly self breast exam and schedule an immediate visit with your care provider if you notice even the slightest change. Early detection is key and often times we, as moms, over look our own health while juggling the needs and care of our family. Now get out there and feel those boobies! 

Self Breast Exam Must Have

all photos by Demi Mabry Photography 


  1. Thanks much for the reminder of breast self-care! A suggestion: Some moms get a group together and schedule their annual exams for the same day and then go out for coffee or lunch afterwards. A fun way to guarantee that you make and keep your appointment!


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