For Him: The 2018 Guy's Gift Guide

For Him: The 2018 Guy's Gift Guide

 Oh, these men. 

Why are they so dang hard to gift?! I truly think about my husband's Christmas gift for months at a time and am always hoping to overhear him mention something that he wants to save me from all of the brain wracking. 

If you're in the same boat, I feel for you and I've got you.

 I've done the heavy lifting and I think I've got them all covered: from the guy who loves to bring out his guitar at the party to the craft beer guru, golf lover, traveler, tech guy, fisherman, bearded man, hipster, dog lover, outdoorsman, alma matter obsessed, Green Egg grilling, music loving dude, there's a gift here for everyone! 

For Him: The 2018 Guy's Gift Guide

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1. Smile NV

My husband is a coffee drinking, wine appreciating, occasional cigar on the golf course kind of guy who rarely takes time out to take care of himself. Recently, I got him to go to our primary care doctor and my next self care mission is to erase all of that colic induced coffee staining on his teeth. 

I know he would never bother to shop around for the best teeth whitener, let alone block off time out of the office to go in for a dentist chair whitening, so when SmileNV asked if we wanted to give their light free, at home whitening kits a go, I jumped at the chance. 

For Him: The 2018 Guy's Gift Guide

Powered by CP+ which is dentist grade whitening, no blue light required (turns out that whole blue light thing doesn't actually work to whiten your teeth, who knew!?), each kit comes with everything he'll need to get started - and if you have a guy like mine in your life, the simpler, the better when it comes to a self care regimen. 

The trays can be molded to your teeth and worn for 30 minutes up to 2 hours for major changes in a short period of time. And best of all, no sore teeth after. 

For Him: The 2018 Guy's Gift Guide

SmileNV was kind enough to offer my readers a limited time 20% discount with code OT20 off at checkout so go on and get you one! 

Bonus: the kit comes with two trays, so one might just be for you.... 

2. Man Tote 

Man bag, meet diaper bag. I am so here for this amazing backpack style tote that can transition from work bag to family crap holder in a second. The interior is a bright pop of orange for a fun contrast to the classic canvas outside and it makes for a masculine, classic look even while toting diapers.

3. Compact Grilling Tool Set

A 4-in-1 grilling tool that combines a spatula, basting brush, corkscrew and bottle opener, this little guy does it all. It's stainless steel and rust proof so it would be perfect for camping! 

4. GrowlerWerks uKeg with Tap Handle

I really feel like I hit the ball out of the park with this Growler/Keg because it's just so unique. You can choose between stainless steel or copper, 64oz or 128 oz and a laser engraved or plain interchangeable tap handle. 

Each growler is made from 18/8 vacuum sealed stainless steel with chrome plated brass fittings and is meant to keep beer, champagne/carbonated cocktails fresh for up to 2 weeks. 

P.S. It comes with two CO2 cartridges to get you started! 

5. Poncho Fishing Shirt 

I'm not sure that I've mentioned this before but my family is full of fishermen - my dad is a charter captain and my brother is an officer with the Marine Police Department in the state of Virginia's PD. They love to travel to fishing holes off the beaten path (like Alaska and Panama) and I'm always on the hunt for fishing gear that isn't just for casual wear but actually protects them/is useful on the boat. 

This fishing shirt is my new fave, with built in SPF 50, magnetic snap pockets that open/close with one hand, a reinforced collar to stand up to the sun, a pocket large enough to hold a tackle box (or iPhone) and quick dry fabric. 

It also happens to be the only fishing shirt in the world that comes in a slim fit so if your guy typically finds a fishing shirt oversized and boxy, I've got you covered.

6. USB Keychain

I love the leather stripe on this little key chain - and it hides a lightening to USB charging cable so you never have to be without a charge. 

My husband is always digging around for his chargers so having one attached to his key ring guarantees that I'm not constantly being accused of "borrowing" his. 

7. Rambler Water Bottle

But not just any water bottle, a YETI Rambler 26oz vacuum sealed stainless steel water bottle that will keep your liquids cold or hot for like one million hours. 

This is the perfect price point to join the YETI obsession without breaking the bank - and it makes a great stocking stuffer! 

8. 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Golf Ball Marker 

I can think of a handful of Justin's best guy friends who would love to pull this this shot gun shell golf ball marker out of their bag. Apparently, one needs a golf ball marker to prove they got closest to the hole on the first shot, but don't ask me, I'm no expert. 

You can snag a single shot gun shell golf ball marker for under $10 or a set of three (patterns include a subway token, bullseye, Viking Shield and a turtle pattern). 

9. Beard Care Kit

I did my research and according to The Manual, this beard care kit makes their round up of best beard gear because of it's "high quality, hand made organic products that are subtly, yet pleasantly scented".  

Also, it comes with something called Beer Body Soap, so I'm certain it will be a hit with all of the Manly Men in your life. The kit comes in either an old cigar box or a traditional leather case. 

10. Tech Charging Stand

There are a million docking station options on the market but I chose this one for the price and dual layout - perfect for an iWatch and iPhone (X/8/8plus/7plus) or an iPad, this stand is perfect for containing the cords and devices on a bedside table or desk. 

The stand can also be used as a viewing stand for the iPad or iPhone so you can prop up it to watch YouTube videos while charging that battery.

11. Wireless Earbuds

With 5 hours of battery life, this little duo is ideal for exercise and traveling, or for watching your iPad while your wife blares Bravo in your living room. Or so I've heard. These are a splurge but backed by Bose, so the quality should be top of the line. 

12. Nose Print Cufflinks

If your guy is more in love with your four legged family member than the family member who brought his children into this world, then you're gonna need to get him this set of cufflinks

Each silver cufflink is stamped with the actual nose print of your pup (or cat, if you have a cat who would tolerate having their nose printed), and makes for a subtle tribute to man's best friend.

13. Double Nest Hammock for Two

Because if you have to go camping, you should at least be treated to a double hammock.

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14. Big Green Egg Electric Charcoal Starter

I've got it on good authority that "Egg Heads" are partial to a quick start on their Big Green Egg and this electric version will heat those coals in no time flat. Perfect for any size Egg and needing just a regular outlet, this is an Egg accessory that is fairly fail proof - or so say the guys on Amazon!

15. Camo Print Dopp Kit

I strongly believe that all men need a true dopp kit to hold their manly grooming essentials (I gave Justin a monogrammed canvas version for our first dating Christmas) and I love this camo leather version.

 It can be monogrammed with a gold stamp monogram and has an easy to clean interior. 

16. Throwback Collegiate Mascot Print

Available in what seams like every school under the sun (hello, Maine Black Bears!), I am in love with the unique, bold styles of these college mascot prints. 

Each print is available in three sizes, the customer photos show extremely saturated and strong colors and most larger schools have more than one design option to choose from. 

17. Engraved Guitar Pick with Leather Case

For the guy who loves to bring out his guitar at the party, I love this personalized silver guitar pick with leather case (that can be attached to a key ring). 

The pick can be engraved on one or both sides, and the leather case can see some of that action too, so the options to make it unique are endless. 

If I were buying it for the guy I married (who loves to bring out his guitar at the party), I would probably hit it with a snippet of lyrics from the first song he ever played for me.....any guesses?? 
Shaped to resemble an acorn for max acoustics, this little speaker is wireless, outdoor ready and truly beautiful. It is made of real walnut wood and has up to 7 hours of speaker life.

 I imagined it for my husband's desk but love the idea that he can take it with him anywhere.

19. Waterproof Weekender Bag

In all honesty, my husband always steals my favorite weekend sized carry on suitcase so this is really a gift for me, to him. This tote looks like it could carry a body/is waterproof for stormy travel so I'm confident it will hold all of his things and a few of mine for a quick get away. 

Bonus: the straps can be adjusted to be shoulder straps for easier transport.

 If you prefer a canvas option, I also have my eye on this one