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How To Style an Acrylic Table in an Entryway

One of the collateral spaces that got a good decor makeover thanks to the One Room Challenge was our front entry. Since we decided to forfeit our playroom to the kiddos, their space sits in a prominent part of the house and is open to both the dining room and entryway. I don't have my life together enough to have the dining room on lock but I did manage to spruce up our entry way, and I'm in love with how it came together. 

Before we moved in, the walls were painted a warm tan and the staging used heavier pieces that didn't quite fit the scale of the space. I wanted to open the space up, bring in some function and use decor accessories that we already had on hand, just in a fresh way. 

Here's the before (staged by the previous owners)

And here's what a fresh coat of white paint on the walls, ceilings and trim (all painted White Dove by Benjamin Moore) and the use of lighter pieces can do for a space:

How To Style an Acrylic Table in an Entryway

How To Style an Acrylic Table in an Entryway

 Every space in our home has to serve a purpose and this entry way is no different - Justin typically comes in our front door and needs a place to dump all of his stuff.  I snagged this basket set (there are actually three baskets, the smallest one is hidden inside!) care of Bellacor and the largest size is perfect to store his laptop backpack. The contents of his pockets etc go in the smaller baskets and his stuff is contained, safe from the babies and out of sight. 

How To Style an Acrylic Table in an Entryway

My favorite thing to do when using modern elements like the acrylic ghost table is to bring in as many earthy elements as possible to warm it up. The mirror has a driftwood surround, the handles of the baskets are a gorgeous leather and the faux eucalyptus is my go to for florals. 

How To Style an Acrylic Table in an Entryway

I love the texture of the white canister (it's actually meant to store kitchen items!) and the concrete bird, which is half of a set of bookends. And of course I had to document the gorgeous peonies that bloom in my yard! 

You can shop the space below and check out how I used many of the same pieces, but had a completely different look, in our last home here! 

Photos by Laura Sumrak 


  1. I love how this space came together! I am insanely jealous of your peonies!!

    1. Thanks Owen! And I'd love to take credit for gorgeous blooms but I'm guessing our previous owners are missing them this time of year!! xoxo

  2. I might say “bless their heart” out loud at previous owners well meaning staging choices. Gah. Love the entry way! I need to get my butt in gear and spruce up our entry a little more. Currently it’s the landing place of way too many amazon boxes 😬


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