33 Things

I turned thirty three years old on Saturday so I thought I would celebrate by spilling thirty three things about me that you probably don't know!

1. My toenails are always painted red. Always.

2. I have a degree in Corporate Communications from Elon University

3. Santorini is my absolute fave global destination

4. But the most beautiful landscape I've ever laid eyes on was on the train from London to Edinburgh

5. Justin and I just started watching Game Of Thrones and it honest to God stresses me out so much that I have to watch an episode of Big Bang Theory after so I can fall asleep at night. And drink wine while we're watching it. 

6. I am jealous of my son's eye color - it's just the most stunning shade of blue

7. I am horrible at math

8. and finances

9. My first job out of college was fundraising and event planning for a non-profit that worked with sexually abused children

10. I can still remember the face of the first child I ever met while working there

11. I didn't try avocado (including guacamole) until I was in my twenties. Avocado toast is currently one of my fave foods.

12. I have seven email accounts on my phone

13. I am an introvert and only really recharge when I'm alone

14. But I can be really outgoing so most people are surprised to know that

15. I love public speaking

16. But hate playing team spots because I'm always afraid I'll let everyone down

17. My kids always have clean underwear....I have been known to purchase myself clean underwear on our grocery runs to Target.

18. I have a tattoo on my lower back

19. it has no meaning and I forget that it's there

20. I've seen every single episode of Big Bang Theory and can quote most of them - I would say all of them but I don't want to sound cocky! 

21. Quality time is my love language

22. Everyone is a little surprised at how well I've handled the transition to two children but I'm the most surprised of all

23. I knew I would marry Justin the first time I met him

24. All of our moves have honestly been positive experiences and we are still open to moving again - both in Greenville and outside of it

25. I wish they would have let me take out more walls in our current house but I was outvoted 2 to 1 by Justin and our contractor

26. I met my best friend online and my husband through mutual friends, which feels sort of flip flopped to me! 

27. I haaaate the process of getting ready, which means I get ready super fast 

28. I drink hot coffee in the summer

29. and red wine no matter what the entree is 

30. I could eat an entire bag of Doritos in one sitting, as long as it was a freshly opened bag

31. I am a little ashamed but mostly thrilled to admit that I haven't worn heels for more than an hour since we moved to Maine (so, three plus years)

32. I changed both of my children's names from our chosen boy and girl names when I found out each of their genders. They both still have family names but they are very different names than we originally picked for them.

33. I spent my thirty third birthday with both of my babies asleep in their beds, a really great bottle of red wine poured into my non-plastic glass, eating left over Oreo cake in my pajamas and eye gels, with my husband, on our sofa watching Game Of Thrones, and I have never felt so grateful.