30 Things I Always Say Yes To

 Is it just me, or does being a toddler mom (or a mother of any age child, I'm guessing) sometimes make you feel like the Wicked Witch of the West? I think it's safe to assume that while I dole out endless hugs and kisses, the word I say most often is "NO" and the phrase I currently utter more than any other is "time out". While I'm totally on board being a disciplinarian so that my kid knows how to make his way in society, sometimes the role of Resident Buzz Killer really wears me out.

So today I'm just going to make a list of all of the things that I always say Yes to - and I would love you to join me if you need a refresher course in the things that light your fire.

Things I Always Say Yes To

Dancing with my husband

Brie, especially if it's warm

Free child care

Queso, especially if it's white or has steak in it

White sheets, even though I know they'll be ruined eventually

Singing to our first dance song, no matter where I am (and I am no songstress)

Walking Main Street in downtown Greenville

Avocado Toast


A good ball point pen (if I find one, I'll probably steal it)

Toddler hugs and kisses, even if everything is super slobbery

Being in the picture


A boat ride with my family

My mother in law's chicken cordon blue


Sitting in the sunshine when it's just starting to get warm of just starting to cool off (file that one under: lessons learned in Maine)

Picking new paint colors

Boy toddler shoes

Show tunes

When Gray says "moh tickles" 
(more tickles)

Onesie pajamas (for everyone)

Wine/Starbucks (but that was obvious)

Reruns of Big Bang Theory

Date Nights

A solid wedding band (I mean, who can resist a rousing version of "Shout"?)

Fresh Flowers 


Sleeping in

 Quality Time with my little family - it is my love language after all.

Ok, give it to me mamas! If you need a lift after a long day, tell me the little things that make you happy in the comments.