A New Look and A Recap

 I hope everyone survived their Monday in one piece. I, myself, barely made it and was oh so happy when wine o'clock rolled around (edit: I originally had "whine o'clock", which I thought was appropriate but my husband said no one would believe that I was thinking about anything but vino). 

In case you haven't noticed (you did), there's a new look around here - nothing fancy, just a little update to keep things interesting. I still have a few updates to do (don't bother clicking on any of my social media links) but hopefully, I've found all of the kinks (I haven't, don't judge). While I'm getting things settled, why don't ya'll take a peek at the pretty pics from the Sip and Shop event at Simon Malls, I was honored to co-hostess along with Lauren of Love Lola and Cara of Mirrors and Mimosas. So many great shops participated and many glasses of wonderful wine were poured so you know it was a great time. Many, many thanks to my friends who came out to support (Ashley, Jamie, Jonathan, Amanda, and Whitney who drove way, way to far just to say hey), you guys made my night and I was so touched that you each took time out of your night to come see me.

And now, the photos:

I've introduced you to Lauren before, so now's the perfect chance to introduce you to Cara - she is the sweetest and way, way more fashionable than I'll ever be. Go follow her on Insta, her feed is fabulous! 

| my top | my jeans | my earrings | my shoes |

outfit details from my dream Fall ensemble featuring that amazing leopard skirt here 

Thank you to Simon Malls and Haywood Malls for having me and stay tuned, you may be seeing my Fall look with again very soon!