The Great "Sprinkle" Debate

I have an announcement to make:

The Sprinkle Shower concept has gotten just the teensiest bit out of hand. 

As a woman in my late twenties early thirties and a mother to a sweet baby, I have quite a few friends who are happily announcing the impending arrival of their second (or third) baby. And while I am over the moon to celebrate them as they gracefully, stylishly and effortlessly bring a human being into this world, I am not so much into rounding up yet another costly baby gift seemingly just months after gifting them with first baby presents. 

Now, let be very clear, I love spoiling friends and family. Picking out new mama and newborn baby gifts are some of my absolute faves (I mean, is there anything sweeter than a teeny tiny newborn onesie?), but do we really need to take things so far with the whole Sprinkle thing? Must we really play the guess the melted candy bar in the diaper game again?

Just recently, a friend of mine received a beautiful invitation to a Sprinkle for a friend - and was shocked to see that the invitation included a full gift registry that included high ticket items like a Mama Roo and Pack 'n Play. She reached out to me, wondering what she should take as a gift, knowing others would shop off the registry and purchase larger items. I was, frankly, at a loss. I thought the sentiment behind gifting for a second baby was to give something small, sweet and useful - a burp cloth with the new babe's monogram, a large bundle of diapers, a Starbucks gift card for mom and dad, but it had never occurred to me that the mama-to-be might be sitting down to open gifts in front of a crowd at her second shower.

Never one to back down from a challenge, I got to work researching the perfect Sprinkle gift - one that was useful, celebrated the newest addition, held it's own among larger gifts and came in under $50. Sounds impossible, right? As it turns out, it actually was impossible to find. Luckily, I happen to know two of the best girls in the baby gifting business and had no shame begging them to help me find the perfect Sprinkle gifting option.

Kelly and Heather are the two boss moms who own Peekawhoo, the cutest online children's and monogramming boutique. Their studio happens to be around the corner from my abode and I popped over there to do a little digging into what makes the best baby gift. The girls behind Peekawho were sympathetic to my Sprinkle dilemma and were kind enough to let me create the perfect Sprinkle Set to gift a mama who is expecting her second babe! I was so honored and had playing in their shop and pulling together the perfect little gift bundle. 

After ransacking their shelves, I felt pretty confident that I had successfully assembled the cutest little bundle but I needed to test drive my Sprinkle Set on a preggo mama just to be sure.

The Perfect Sprinkle Gift

My sweet friend Kyle is expecting a little boy any moment and I had the Peekawho girls whip up a Sprinkle Set with her babe's monogram so that I could gift it to her - take a peek at the photo below, I think I nailed it!

The Perfect Sprinkle Gift

The Olive and Tate Sprinkle Set includes a personalized Angel Dear Lovey, a personalized 3 Marthas Bib and personalized 3 Martha's Burp Cloth - all for the perfect price point of $45. Of course, I made sure to curate a set for a boy or girl babe and even whipped up a gender neutral version as well! You guys, look how sweet his little monogram is!

The Perfect Sprinkle Gift

*go away baby fever!*

The Perfect Sprinkle Gift

The Perfect Sprinkle Gift

The Perfect Sprinkle Gift

And because I was having so much fun, Kelly and Heather let me put together a Shower Bundle as well! I just couldn't stop "shopping" so the Olive and Tate Baby Bundle had to happen! Complete with a Jellycat Bunny in cream, Little Giraffe cream Lovey and a personalized diaper cover for a boy baby or a personalized bloomer for a sweet baby girl, the set is just the sweetest, softest, dreamiest gift bundle for a new baby. The price point is super friendly at $85 and includes personalized details and comes perfectly bundled together in sweet wrapping.

You guys, someone please announce a pregnancy so that I can give you one of these gorgeous sets! And, because I know tons of ya'll will need to snap up these sweet little bundles, Peekawho is offering a discount code for all of you -

Use code OLIVEANDTATE to save 10% off of both sets! 

Many, many thanks to Peekawho for letting me play in your studio, supporting this post and ignoring the fact that I stood you up for coffee that one time. You two are the best!

Thanks for the pretty pics, Christa Rene Photography