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One Room Challenge Pattern Play Panic

Week Three of the One Room Challenge has traditionally been, for me, the week of not much action and a whole lot of panic. Not one to buck tradition, I kept the theme going this go 'round and sent the following text chain to my poor, sweet, unsuspecting decorating partner in crime, Amanda:

Cue Amanda running as far away from this project as quickly as possible.

I know that most of you aren't the least bit surprised that I'm having a moment with my new found pattern bravery, but bare with me, I'm still working through it! 

Its not that I don't believe that all of our ideas can come together and be absolutely stunning when they do, it's just that we are in the stage of the game where nothing is coming together. Every single project is being diligently attended to - Elizabeth is stitching pillows, TJ is working on our IKEA hack, Andrea is putting the finishing touches on the wall and Amanda is working hard to keep me sane - but all I can do is hope the chairs look better when they come home from their second trip to the upholsterer. 

There has been an amazing bright spot this week: I got a teensy sneak peek of the custom art piece the amazingly talented Marquin of local Marquin Designs created for our living room! I am so honored that she took the time to paint such a beauty for us and I am so proud to hang her work in our home. 

The painting is currently holding court at the framer's so I won't see her for a while, but she will for sure be a knockout (especially when she is appropriately photographed by a professional and not me on my pack patio!).

In all reality, I am crazy excited to see the space start to shape up and to get the furniture back into a usable formation. I have a feeling the next update will be full of amazing progress - just three more weeks to go! 

To see the rest of the One Room Challenge rooms, head over to Calling It Home for the link up! 


  1. Love that piece of artwork! It's gorgeous!!
    I think it's always scary to go out on a limb with a new design idea. The best part though is that you can always change it if you hate it!

    1. Isn't the art stunning! I am so in love with it! And you are so right, but I know I'll love it when we are no longer in "tansition"

  2. I honestly look forward to seeing your updates every week! I know that all of the stress, worry, panic and headache will be worth it at the end.

    1. Let's be honest, I realize these are not real problems but I think I'm having a little PTSD from the reno! ;-)

  3. It will come together! It has to!!! Y'all have got this. Fo sho.

  4. Yes, you are definitely in the painful/crazy transition time. But it will come together! You've lived it long enough to know that it does eventually :p

  5. The artwork is fabulous and I have to tell you that Amanda Loiuse has become my favorite account on IG. Her pattern play in her pics is brilliant!! I've gotten my daughter hooked on her feed too!! It's the perfect combo of preppy punch and boho chic pattern!! You got this!! Don't lose any more sleep :)


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