Loving Lately

All of the things I'm loving lately, including the hot pink azaleas in my yard:

Kind Words
Thank you so much to all of you who reached out after reading my Anxiety post this week. I am touched that many of you trusted me to share you own experience with anxiety and each of your comments meant so much to me. 

A Clean House.
Everyone in this house, especially my husband, suffers from pretty rogue allergies and this season can bring us to our knees. To combat the pollen (and as a sweet gesture to help me feel better) Justin arranged for GSP Clean to come out and scrub every inch of our home. They literally moved the furniture and organized my make up brushes. Somehow, they rescued a necklace that had been trapped between my dresser and the wall and hung up on the cable cords (yeah, yeah, and by "somehow" I mean they used a magical cleaning tool like a Swiffer Sweeper, stop judging me). I love them. Justin wishes they would move in with us. So do I.

Girl Bosses
I had a coffee date with Leslie who runs the world over at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery this week and loved every second of it. She and I share a great mutual friend but had yet to sit down and talk all things business. We had a serious brainstorming session and I can't wait to share a fun project that we've decided to officially collaborate on. And I may or may not have convinced her that she needs and intern and that intern should be me.

Flowy Dresses

Two of my absolute fave flowy dresses from Anthro are now marked down to insane price points. Both the Peasant Dress and the Shirt Dress have made appearances on the blog many times and I'm honestly a little jealous of anyone who snags them at this price. 

This Highlighting and Contouring Tutorial
My friend Meg O. makes all things beauty seem so approachable and this highlighting and contouring video is my fave tutorial that she's ever whipped up. If you don't follow her on Snapchat, you should.

The Stage

I had so much fun speaking and styling at the Haywood Mall VIP Shopping Night last weekend. I was asked to pull three signature looks that reflect my style so you know I went all Dressing the Mom Body crazy. Example A:

 No shame in this game. 

I can't stop thinking about the Banana Republic coat that I styled (with distressed boyfriend jeans and an insanely soft v neck grey tee) and will be keeping my eye out for it to go on sale (I actually don't think it's great for Spring as marketed but do think it will be perfect for a Southern Fall with dark denim and riding boots). I actually wanted to bring home all of the outfits but I resisted and only snagged the dress that I'm wearing. It's on sale for less than $30 and there are still some sizes in stock! 

This stunning recipe from my friend Sara would be perfect for hosting a brunch. I mostly just want Sara to host the brunch and invite me over so I can eat her Greek Yogurt Souffles but that's just because my house is currently a decorating disaster. Thanks One Room Challenge. 


  1. You're the coolest! Come style my clothes please and thanks.

    1. I'm currently in my pj top, no bra and boyfriend jeans and I've been out in public - twice. still interested?? ;-) xo

  2. So I literally just came from Anthro (they redid the one here in Portland and it's GIANT - two floors!) and was loving that extra 40% off sale! I picked up two shirts, but didn't get that Shirt Dress and now I'm kicking myself! I love it and tried it on in a medium and loved how it looked but thought it was just a smidge too short on, plus I wasn't sure how it would work with the bump in a few weeks! But it's SO cute and was very flattering on so I may just go back and size up and see if I like that length better?

    1. Two floors?! Take me there. I do love the shirt dress but would think you would need to size up for the bump with the drop waist band. It is so comfy and you could nurse in it too with the buttons! xoxo

  3. azaleas are THE BEST! i am going to miss them when we move! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

    1. We weren't living in our house this time last year so every time something blooms, it's a surprise! We currently have four colors of Azaleas in full bloom and I am in Heaven. xo

  4. I would have loved to see you in action at the VIP shopping event! So fun!

  5. I just miss your FACE - that is all. xoxo

  6. You amazing do you look rocking that stage?!? YGG!!


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