Dressing The Mom Body: The Most Flattering Jeans (and a fail)

 | denim wearing a 30 | my absolute fave top wearing a L | bag | hat | shoes

Is there anything worse than trying on jeans? 

No. No, there isn't. 

Especially when one is rocking a mom body, trying on jeans has become even more hazardous than I could have ever imagined. Is the waist high enough to hold in my loose belly? Is the material strong enough to contain my muffin top when I have to bend down and drag my limp toddler out of Target, mid tantrum? Is the color dark enough to hide smeared applesauce? 

This is not the list of a casual shopper, this is the list of a woman who has needs.

 I won't lie, the first time Sarah at Anthropologie Greenville handed me the particular pair of jeans photographed above, I laughed in her face.

Maybe it was the fact that I rocked a similar pair in the ninth grade (and by similar, I mean they were from Abercrombie and Fitch and not at all similar) or the fact that I'm not super into change, but either way, Sarah had her work cut out attempting to talk me into them. 

Thankfully, I was a good sport and wrangled the 'ol mom body into the AG Janis Flair jeans because they.are.worth.it. A solid dark wash with zero whiskering (which can make hips look wider), an incredibly long leg (I'm 5'9") and a great rise that hits just below the belly button, this may be your next perfect pair of denim. Yes, the flair is much more than that of a boot cut, but somehow it elongates the leg and makes you look oh so long and lean. I honestly didn't want to take them off.

As a heads up, this is an investment pair of denim so the price is higher - I own quite a few pairs of AG denim and they last forever. The wash never fades and the fit is always true. If you have larger thighs or are built like Khloe K used to be, try on a pair of AG the next time you spot them - your backside will thank you. 

P.S. because Spring has arrived here in the South, I found them in white just for ya'll! 

And what would an outfit post be without a fail??

Behold, the most unflattering crotch of all time:

| denim wearing a 30 | top wearing a  L, the back is so pretty |

I mean, what is happening? I can't stop looking.

And, while we're talking about denim, there were tons of questions about this white pair that hit my 'gram last night:

| denim | tee | kimono | necklace | sandals |

They are stupidly comfortable and the perfect straight (but not too skinny) leg. Shockingly, they are also AG (eye roll), what can I say? They work with what I'm working with!

Many thanks to Anthropologie Greenville for hosting me and allowing me to try on all of the things and to Christa Rene Photography for the pretty pics! 

See you kids tomorrow! 


  1. LOVE those flared jeans... I have been wanting to find a good pair forever and I just can't find any that fit my frame well, I'm super short!

    1. We have opposite problems! And let me tell you, no flare looks good if it's two inches off the ground 😂

  2. You know that I am a denim hoarder (all of the expensive variety too eek!) I have one pair of AG flares that I love but they are long so I usually have to wear heels. Which translates to they sit in my drawer with nowhere to go.

  3. I desperately want a pair of white denim but every pair I try are slightly see through and you can see the pockets. Will an expensive pair fix that problem?

    1. Yes! I buy white jeans in trends (like distressed) from Old Navy but have to size up so they don't show my lumps and bumps - I also have an investment pair that I've had for years and they are thick and soft and never show pockets or bumps!

  4. Love those flares and whine jeans...want them both!

  5. You are so gorg! And hello cute kimono! #hearteyes

    1. Thank you! That's so sweet! And that kimono is so gorgeous in person!

  6. love those jeans! they look great on you! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  7. There is one thing worse than trying on jeans - trying on swim suits. Had that little pleasure today.

  8. Yes to this post! I've been having so many jeans issues lately. It's been 18 months, but I still haven't gotten used to this mom body. I wear a lot of skinnies, but I'm thinking it might be time to try something new. I love these flairs, and the shirt you paired them with!


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