Taboo Mom Talk

So, apparently when I stay up talking on the Internet until 9pm, I will pay for it the next day with a level of exhaustion that only multiple trips to Starbucks can cure. I had so much fun talking about my HuffPo article, crying it out, the post baby body, making mom friends, when I want a second baby and all things motherhood with Colleen and the 5,000+ of you (!!!!) who watched our Taboo Mom Talk on Blab last night. Colleen and I are in talks to make this a regular thing and I'm honestly crazy excited about it. 

In case you missed our talk last night, we uploaded the entire one hour segment to the Taboo Mom Talk YouTube channel. I'm going to drop last night's into this post because it was the first but I'll spare you the rest as they can be watched on YouTube.

If you've never been on Blab (I hadn't), watching this video may seem like we're super distracted but on our screens we can see text messages and conversations happening between participants so we're attempting to multitask while drinking wine after 8pm. Forgive us. 

side note: I make a ton of ridiculous faces throughout this video. 

I hope you enjoy!
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  1. I just wanted to say thank you for writing this and sharing it. My son is 6 months old and I've had a few friends mention the same types of comments, which I can sum up with the ironic "#blessed". I never felt that way and felt guilty because I didn't. In fact, I actually found myself faking smiles and even stories because I thought that was the way I was "supposed" to feel. Reading this, I like that I am "me" first and "mom" second. I think it'll make me a better mom, a better role model for my son, a better wife, a better co-worker, and a better friend. Of course, this is wisdom from 6 months in... let's see how it feels in another 6!

  2. THis is awesome! I forgot to tune into it last night, so I had to just watch it here... I really wish I could comment! Great job!:)

  3. I loved this!! I hope to start a family soonish and I am always curious about the less than #blessed side of things. The stuff that no one talks about. Great topics and I hope you guys do it again!

  4. 5,000!!!!! I hope you popped the champs for that, girl. WOO! xx

  5. I feel like most (dare I even say) mommy blogs run the gamut of so super blessed my baby is a special snowflake and don't I know it to eh, I had a kid but mostly (s)he is an inconvenience and when do I get my perky boobs and 10 hours of sleep a night life back?? I would like to think I fall smack dab in the middle. One minute I can be caught acting more toddler like than my 2 year old because DANG just freaking sleep past 6:13 a.m. for once, please!! And the next minute I smother him in 5000 kisses because holy cow I am so obsessed with this kid. I feel like most blogs take a hard stance on one side or the other, meanwhile here I am on crazy mom island...

  6. amen to real mommas! I definitely didnt get this rush of "omgiloveyousomuchmyentireworldisyou" feelings when she was born, but I am totally obsessed and I catch myself sneaking into her room after shes asleep just to see that peaceful face. I mentioned to my husband a little while ago though that we are totally not "normal" parents, because I leave my baby all. the. time. My parents took her overnight when she was like 9 weeks old. So when Colleen was like "I was feeling guilty for leaving him down the street at 9 months old" I was thinking "welllpp I'm in the minority for sure"
    But its great hearing to amazing mommas talk about REAL life. your life can still yours, even when you're a mom. It helps to know that you're not the only one!
    and all those staged instagram pictures with #blessed kids being perfect little angel babies 24/7 give a very jaded view of motherhood. life is messy. and sometimes kids eat garbage :) or in my case, an insane amount of dog hair.

  7. Good for you! Kids complete your life but don't make your whole life.

  8. True story, I'm not a mom, but I just watched this whole thing! I loved it. If I lived in South Carolina still, I would make you be my friend. Even though I wouldn't meet your criteria of morning play dates during the week because you know, no kid. I would still let your kid come crush cheerios in my carpet while drinking some wine because you seriously crack me up!


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