The Alone Time Sneak

The older I get and the less time I have to myself, the more it becomes clear to me that I am an introvert.

I know it seems odd that I would have so little self awareness to not realize where I stand on the personality charts, but to be fair, I am really outgoing in social settings. I love public speaking, become more animated and sociable when I'm nervous and honestly get a kick out of making small talk. But once the crowds have parted, the last drop has been poured and the night is over, I find myself so incredibly drained that my body feels like I've just run a marathon. I simply cannot function until I have some time alone, in silence, to get myself together. 

Before I had the baby, I could always count on driving in the car alone to gather myself. I would use my commute to ditch the work stress and gear myself up for dinner, the weekend or even just one on one time with my husband (let me be clear here, it's not his presence that I needed to prep for, but the social interaction in general). But now? Now I am never alone. Ever. 

In the hunt for a moment of solitude, I've picked up some really bad habits that I don't think are doing me any favors - namely, staying up really late, watching TV, while Justin sleeps beside me. I know I should go to bed, that the baby will be up soon, that I function better with a good night's sleep, but the alone time is just so....delicious. I lay there sipping wine from what is most likely a plastic cup, watching a re-run of Big Bang that I can quote, and soak in the silence. No one needs me, a snack, a meal, a bill paid, a favor or a fresh bowl of water (that's for the dog, not the baby, just to clarify). 

Thinking about my late night hideaway got my wheels turning about the other ways that I sneak alone time and, as it turns out, some of them are down right shameful. 

So, without further ado, here are my top 5 ways to be alone once you become a mom.

1. get food poisoning
I got a fun little case of food poisoning from the local Mexican joint up the street and I can assure that my husband did not mind spending time with the baby out of the house to be away from all of the vomiting.

2. sleep in the guest room because "the dog is snoring too loudly"
She does snore. Sometimes. So does my husband. Sometimes. But sometimes I just hide in the guest room because I can sleep in the middle of the bed and not be touched by anyone else for an entire night.

3. "fold laundry"
I pile up the laundry on the living room sofa, secure the baby in his playroom (I can see him) and turn on an MTV marathon of Teen Mom. Nothing accompanies a session of folding laundry like the mind numbing bliss that is a Teen Mom repeat. Sometimes, my mind gets so numb that I forget to fold the laundry.

4.  clean out the car
Sometimes when I stop to fill up for gas, I take an extra long time cleaning out the loose odds and ends from my vehicle and tossing them in the trash. I'm talking one fry at a time, as many trips to the trash can as possible, all in blissful silence while the baby waits patiently for me in his car seat. 

5. go to the doctor
Listen, we all know when you go to the doctor for a non-emergency reason, you are going to wait FORever. The last time I hit the OBGYN for an annual visit, I booked a babysitter for 4 solid hours and treated that doctors appointment like a spa visit. A hot coffee, a fresh magazine and some solid WIFI and I was happy to sit alone in a paper gown for as long as they needed me to wait. The dentist and eye doctor will also do in a pinch.

What can I say, I'm just living the dream.


  1. I am the same. I've always fancied myself an extrovert, but I actually don't think I am. I am good at making small talk and was a headhunter for 9 years. I love public speaking, but it's the one on one intimate settings with which I struggle. Now that i'm a mom, I find that I just really don't have the energy so if I see someone I know, unless they're a close friend, I go the other way, haha. I also try to grab quiet time. Embarrassingly, it's usually when I have to rock my infant to sleep. I give my toddler an iPad, i know, i know, and I go upstairs, and rock him while he breastfeeds and I look at my phone. When my husband is home, it can really "take me" at least 30-45 minutes to get him to sleep haha. The darn baby is so stubborn ;) - but yeah... quiet time... that'd be nice.

  2. Speaking of teen mom, did you watch Catelynn and Tyler's wedding? I was so weepy from his beautiful vows!!

  3. Thank you for being honest about this!! The holiday stress had me going crazy, and I commented to my husband that I'd love to get a stomach virus so I could have an excuse to stay home from work and sleep in for a week. The things we do to ourselves... I struggled with PPD for over a year, and if I learned anything, it's to take whatever time you can get for yourself, even if it's waiting at the doctor's office or trekking to the nearest drive-thru Starbucks so the baby can nap in the car (my personal favorite time waster).

  4. Oh, I love you! My "baby" just turned 10 but I still sometimes fantasize about getting sick enough to be left alone for a day. Still hasn't happened, but dreams don't die.

  5. I'm a textbook introvert. Doesn't mean I can't be social and have a good time, but I need to recharge for at least 2 days after haha. Anyway, I'm not a mom yet but I am a wife and I definitely have to prep myself for the social interaction aspect. I get exactly what you're saying.

  6. The fold the laundry and watch tv trick is my go-to fave. Never have appreciated laundry so much.

  7. I so relate to the doctors one, I do it too - still! A great post X

  8. hahah you are hilarious - I could relate to this 100%
    cleaning/vacuuming the car is so glorious, the loud sound of the vacuum kind of stuns my daughter into silence and she just sits quietly and stares ***amaaaazing***


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