Snow Day Winner

Happy Friday! 

We're having a snow day in South Carolina which, at this point, is translating to rain. We have a hot little play date scheduled that involves Chick Fil A and newborn snuggles so I'm not super thrilled with the panic around here. Literally, Starbucks is closed (I have now mentioned that on three social media platforms, maybe it's time for me to get a life). Anyway, I hope everyone has a warm, wonderful weekend and that your pantries are stocked with all of the milk, bread and wine that Publix had to offer. 

And, now, a winner!

Congratulations, Nikki E.! You are the winner of the $75 shop credit to Elle + J
If today wasn't your day, don't worry, you an still use the code OT15 to save 15% an your Elle+J order!


  1. Stay safe in all that snow/rain! Starbucks should never ever close. I don't know how you're dealing.

  2. I'm obsessed with that tunic! Ugh, snow/rain days. We had our snow weekend, and now things are pretty back to normal, which I'm grateful for. I get cabin fever in a very short amount of time :) And what's with coffee shops closing?? Don't they know we need them??


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