Dressing The Mom Body

Mom Uniforms: The Put Together Edition

This may seriously be the most "put together" grouping of Mom Uniforms that I've whipped up. And honestly, all of the pieces are stupid comfortable, basics and a great price point. So basically, I crushed it. Let's get down to business, shall we?

Oh, and hold on to your hats, if you make it to the end of this post, you'll be rewarded with the worst ever dress Anthropologie has ever sold slapped onto this girl's Mom Body. Yay!

Buttoned Up
 Tunic wearing a L | Necklace | Flats similar | Denim

Holy Hannah, do I love this outfit. This is may be the easiest top of all time - lightweight, the sleeves aren't too tight in the upper arm, the buttons don't gap and the material is super soft. I also snagged this for half off but it is worth every single penny of the full price cost ($59.50!). I feel put together, appropriate and never once tugged at any rogue part of me or stashed anything back where it was supposed to be at any point while wearing it. Buy it. You're welcome. 

Layered Up

Sweater wear a L| Vest wearing a L| Necklace | Scarf | Necklace | Jeans wearing a 30| Boots

God, those boots. Thank all of the things for wide calf boots. I'll never go back to regular calf again. Anyway, the new piece in this ensemble is the winter white sweater -which I snagged for half off right after Christmas (even not on sale, it's a great deal at under $60). It's warm but not thick, a pretty shade of white (not too bright) and has side vents that keep things from bunching weirdly around my gut. Nobody needs bunching around the gut, trust me. 

Tunic Love

Tunic wearing a L| Necklace | Hat | Denim wearing a 30| Booties 

Can't stop, won't stop with the Anthro tunics. This one is going to Phoenix with me this weekend for the National Championship Game and I can't wait. In fact, I am so impatient to wear it that I slapped it on the second I got home today - just minutes after purchasing. Heads up busty ladies - I am wearing a large in this top and will need to wear a minimizing/non-padded bra to ensure that the buttons don't gape. But the fact that it's a bit longer in the back meaning I can wear it with leggings makes me perfectly content to rock a sports bra under it. If you aren't into the off-set plaid, the top comes in three other patterns that are all adorable.

Zipped Up

 Top wearing a L | Denim | Booties | Scarf old | Necklace | Leggings | Sneakers 

The best part about this sweater/sweatshirt hybrid is the back. I've worn it twice recently - once to MDO drop off in my sweats and baseball cap and once when I was pretending that I showered but really picked up my jeans off of the floor and pranced around in a wedge in order to fool people into thinking I tried. I'm wearing a large in the top and I'm a fan of the length - I really hope I don't accidentally shrink it in the wash.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for: 

The Anthropologie Fail 

So, this dress is really cute on the hanger. It's not even that bad online (and before you ask, yes, I'm sure that I'm not wearing it backwards - that key hole you see in the listing photo is basically just a slit in the fabric in real life.) But somehow, this dress manages to oddly create volume on my stomach while suffocating me in the neck and maybe being an awkward length (keep in mind that I'm 5'9" so imagine this one a petite girl). I really couldn't believe how many parts of it are just plain wrong. The only redeeming factor might be if you are smuggling a small and thus still secret bump in the work place. Seeing as I am just smuggling my old baby belly, this is a big fat fail for moi.

Any questions about fit or sizing? Feel free to ask!


  1. I am in love with the first outfit and the tunic from Loft! And that Anthro dress definitely doesn't come off bad in pictures. I think it looks cute on you!

  2. great outfits! love the loft tunic. bummmma about the anthro dress but youre a brave girl for sharing. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. Stephanie, I want every outfit! Well, except the dress, you'll find a cuter one out there. Thanks for making the "Mom Bod" cool! I'm wondering what size you took in the Loft tunic and the Lou and Grey sweatshirt, and if have you washed either of them yet? I have bad luck with Loft clothes, they always seem to shrink.

    1. I'm in a Large in both! And updated the post to include those sizes - totally blanked on that! I'm a tiny bit worried about the zip up sweatshirt - it feels like it will shrink if that makes sense. The Loft tunic fabric honestly feels like it will be much easier to upkeep. xo!

  4. Great outfits! Really love the second one with the sweater from LOFT and the boots! I will forever be rocking the wide calf too lady ;) xx

  5. Stephanie, I love your mom bod posts! I feel like we have pretty similar styles and bods and you make me want to buy everything in your posts! Especially that loft tunic, super cute! I've got a question, do you have a rec for a good basic white tee to wear under cardigans, jackets, etc? I feel like anything I find is too sheer or my large ladies make the shirt too damn short!


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