Demo Day, Round 2

Oh yeah, you read that title correctly, we are gearing up for another round of demolition at Casa de Crazy.

Tomorrow begins a 3 day installation of new windows throughout our new house.


Here's what they currently look like:

 (obviously, we haven't tackled landscaping yet.)

And there are more. A lot more.
Honestly, these windows signal the beginning of the end of the massive renovation of our home and we are thrilled. The new windows will replace the most Brady Brunch feature of the entire property -  the long, thin, divided windows that grace the front of the house at three odd intervals. Those bad boys will hit the road and new, modern double hung windows with grids will replace them. One day soon, plantation shutters will finally protect the neighbors from seeing my lady lumps as I stumble to the fridge for the baby's first round of milk in the morning. If you live on my street, I know you are relieved thrilled to hear that your eyes will soon be spared.

And, just in case you have any sort of common sense and thought to yourself "hey, wait, shouldn't those windows have gone in, like, during the major renovation??", let me clear that up for you:

the answer is yes. 

But, construction is a learning process and sometimes you get it wrong. Sometimes it's your fault and sometimes the fault can be placed elsewhere and you'll definitely do it better the next time. 
edit: that's what my husband wanted me to say instead of saying mean things about our contractor.

So while the next three days will really be complete chaos, I am so excited to see what our house will finally look like. I've dreamed of knocking these windows out since day one and I might just ask to throw the first swing of the sledgehammer! 

P.S. I'm going to be live on Taboo Mom Talk this Tuesday at 8pm! You can register here to watch me talk too much about a really tough topic live and unfiltered. Wine is suggested.


  1. Is it weird to say I kind of like those windows?! But I understand I'm not getting the full effect! We're redoing some windows in our 70s ranch and damn there are so many choices! Can't wait to see your after!

  2. New windows make such a big difference, but I agree with Emily, I really don't think those are so bad! I live in West Texas, and all the 50's ranch houses that haven't been renovated have teeny tiny little windows that are positioned way too high and it's nearly pitch black in those houses in the middle of the day. Whenever we drive through those neighborhoods I long to knock those windows out and replace them with nice big windows to let light in. I think If I bought one of those it would be the first thing I did.

  3. I am so jealous that it is warm enough over there to change windows! We have had a pretty mild winter but I don't dare let any outside air inside. Can't wait to see the results!


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