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Dressing the Mom Body for New Years Eve

Babes! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday! 
We're still in vacation mode around because we're gearing up to head to Miami to watch the Tigers play but I couldn't resist a reader request to share outfit ideas for New Year's Eve. 

Let's talk about New Years Eve - it's typically not one of my faves, mostly because I can't stay up that late anymore - but also because getting dressed for the occasion wears me out after a month of eating like a trucker. With my Spanx in hand, I managed to rustle up three different looks, all featuring one festive element (so, sequins) and using basics from my closet. As always, my real sizes are listed and I'm happy to answer any questions about fit - and my apologies that the outfits aren't photographed on an actual Mom Body, it's been raining here since Thanksgiving and I gave up waiting for the clouds to part.


 jeans size 30 | tee size L | Jacket size L similar | lace up flats | necklace c/o | bag old - new version

I'm obsessed with this outfit, mostly because all of the pieces are super comfy and I wear them often. Obviously, the glitter jacket is what makes this little ensemble NYE appropriate and it looks so amazing in photos. I'm wearing a size Large (it's from Forever 21 so I never play around with smaller sizes there) and the length hits at my natural waistline. Sadly, my jacket is not available online but I linked a similar one that I've seen in person and love just as much. Throw it on with a grey (black or white!) tee, a statement necklace and your dark skinnies and you're out the door with very, very little effort.


skirt size 12 similar and honestly cuter | top size 12 | shoes, old new version | bag | necklace 

Ok, I'm not sure what's up with some of these pieces not being available online, but I snagged this skirt in store on the 26th and it is also not available online. I love the golden thread that is woven through and the price point gets a thumbs up from me. If I had laid eyes on the sequin version linked above, I would have grabbed that instead because of the length and stretch. The gold skirt hits mid thigh and if you carry weight in your belly or pouch, I might find a skirt in a different cut/material. I'm barely squeezing into a 12 which hurts my self esteem, and a little more stretch would have really helped this mama out. Heels with a big glitter bow and a statement bag (a gift from Meg!) add tons of sparkle and the slate colored blouse will get a workout after NYE as an office top.


tank size L | jeans size 30 | blazer sizer M | shoes similar |

You can never go wrong with all black. These jeggings have so much stretch and are so forgiving, they make the perfect post holiday pant. Paired with a blush sequined shell and a blazer to cover my winter arms and this may be the most flattering (read: no Spanx required) outfit of all. Everything but the shell was already in my closet and while I know the shell won't see the light of day again until holiday 2016, it's a fun top for celebrating/the fit is loose and will hide my tummy this year and next.

and, in case you're wondering, this is what I'll be wearing this year, thanks to a 6am flight on New Years Day. Fancy!

The 3 Best Gifts I've Ever Received

So, this is a personal one, but 'tis the season, am I right?
The internets are full of gift guides of all kinds (I myself have whipped up a few) but I thought I might share the three best gifts that I've ever been given, and not one of them is a material item. 

My mom is kind of amazing. She worked so very hard throughout my childhood to make sure that we had a hope chest full of memories to take with us once we were no longer under her roof. As a child, I'm not sure that I fully appreciated all of her efforts but that now that I'm a mom you best believe that I'm in awe of the effort, thought and dedication she put into making our holidays so special.

With that said, it should come as no surprise that each of the three gifts came from her.

1. A lifetime of ornaments.
Growing up, we were lucky to travel quite a bit - whether it was a trip to Disney or a family trip to the beach, my parents worked so hard to give us an appreciation for adventure. On each trip, my mom would search out the perfect ornament and when she found it, she would buy three of them, one for our family tree at home, one for me and one for my brother. She would jot down the date, time, our ages and quick memories on the box and then stash them away in separate boxes for my brother and myself. I always saw our family ornament on the tree when we decorated but didn't think much of the extra ornaments that I knew she was collecting. On Christmas morning the year I was a senior in college, my mom gave me my ornament box -an entire lifetime of travels, memories and moments to take with me to my first apartment and first Christmas tree away from home. I waited until my first Christmas in Charlotte to open the box and guess who showed up at my door to help mom. She and I (and my baby brother!) went through each ornament and hung them on my teeny tiny tree.  Justin and I continue the tradition and search out the perfect ornament for each trip that we go on - we will do the same for Gray so that he too always has a Christmas tree that reminds him of how loved he is.

2. The Recipe Box
The first Christmas that I was a "grown up" (otherwise known as a 22 year old living in her own apartment), I asked for pots and pans for Christmas. You know you're a grown up when. Anyway, I honestly needed so much that year - a vacuum, groceries, health insurance - that I asked for all utilitarian gifts from my family. My parents took pity on me and handed down a set of pots and pans that they had used for years and inside of one of the boxes was a recipe box. I assumed it was a blank set that my mom thought I might fill out for myself and just as I was about to tell her about Pinterest, she told me to open it. The recipe box was full of handwritten recipe cards. My mother had spent months mailing out recipe cards to my grandmothers, my aunts, uncles, family friends, important teachers, my childhood babysitter, anyone who had played an influential role in my life, and asked them to fill out a recipe for me. So many of the recipes are ones that I remember or hold sentimental value -my first babysitter included her hand made play dough recipe that she had made for me when I was a toddler, my grandmothers included recipes that are family legend and friends included recipes that they knew I loved. There are probably 50 recipes in that box, each handwritten, and some hold the handwriting of people who are so dear to me that have passed. As I start to build traditions for my little family, I find myself reaching for that box so that I can make my Mimi's sausage and egg casserole (our Christmas morning breakfast) and my Grandaddy's salted pecans (that he, and then my grandmother, have made for me ever Christmas that I can remember) so that Gray can experience them too.

3. Baby Journals
I was given the third gift just last Christmas, my first Christmas as a mother. My mom handed me a box to open and the second I did, I burst into tears. She gave me three spiral bound notebooks that were her journals over the first years of my life. She documented everything from my fevers to her travels away from me as a working mother. In all honesty, I can't bring myself to read through very much in a sitting because the little notes make me feel extremely emotional. Knowing that she felt some of the exact same emotions that I am currently experiencing just overwhelms me with feelings. All of the feelings, honestly. As mothers, we all want the same things for our babies and seeing my mother's wishes for me and her efforts to learn to be the best mother that she could be makes me feel so very grateful to her, but most importantly, it makes me feel like I might not be screwing this motherhood thing up after all. I want so much to parent like she did, to develop and cultivate a family bond and build memories for Gray that always leave him feeling loved, but knowing that she struggled to remember the last time she gave her baby Tylenol or that she forgot to document her first born's 10 month birthday (God forbid!) let's me know that I'm doing ok. I'll get there, just like she did.

My three best presents are also my three most treasured possessions. As a daughter I am so grateful and as a mother I am so inspired to show my son the meaning of giving as my mother has showed me. 

I hope that you each have a magical holiday with those that you love,

Hello, Houston!

So, Christmas is in like 4 days. 
How did that happen? 
I have absolutely nothing done, nothing wrapped, nothing cleaned, nothing packed, nothing organized, nothing cooked, nothing washed, nothing loaded up and nothing mailed. I haven't even mailed our Christmas cards yet. Not a one.

Not to worry, it's not all a loss, I have eaten one thousand cookies. 
And I spent the last 72 hours or so in Houston! 

photo by Ailee | my flats | my vest, sold out similar  | my jeggings | my headband | meg's headband |

Megan and I were so excited when West Elm Houston approached us to participate in a Willow Crowns pop up shop in their store. At this point, I make a work trip to Houston a few times a year and this was my fave trip yet. I landed in Houston right smack in the middle of rush hour (sorry, Meg) and managed a quick outfit change in the car on our way to dinner. 
| my top | my necklace | my booties | her sweater |
I was so pumped to see Kristy, Meg O., Traci and Veronika for dinner that I was antsy at the bar waiting for everyone to arrive. After lots of wine and demanding table side guacamole (and despite my endless story telling), I still managed to consume my body weight in queso, so basically, I rocked it, Houston style. I loved every second of our three hour dinner and am beyond grateful that each of those amazing girls fit me into their crazy schedules the weekend before Christmas. 

Meg and Olivia were perfect hostesses and waited until exactly 6:59 am to wake me and put me to work on Saturday morning. Luckily, they had a Starbucks for me and I had a brand spanking new pair of Cinderella dress up heels for them Olivia. We whipped our web site into shape in the hopes of making tons of in person sales and whipped ourselves into shape in the hopes that our curls would make it through the day. 

The amazing Meredith of Cake and Confetti met us at West Elm and worked her magic on our set up - bless her, she is talented. And, let me just say, I will always vote for an event where our space includes a plush sofa and gorgeous throw pillows. Always.
 photos by Ailee
framed photo by Danielle 
So many sweet faces dropped in to say hello and we loved seeing each of you! Every single time a babe wearing a WC piece walked in the door, we literally squealed to each other (no shame in our game, that's a big deal!). On the business side, it was so interesting to see which of our new products garnered the most attention and to hear our customers feedback in real time.
After holding court at West Elm for 6 hours, we packed up the car and commenced the "play hard" portion of the "work hard, play hard" philosophy.
 | my necklace |

| polish |

Saturday night and Sunday saw shopping, toasting, manicuring, indulging and scheming for the next four (!) Willow Crowns collections. 

By the time Meg dropped me off at the airport on Sunday evening I had my eye on my last solo glass of wine for the foreseeable future and my mind on Christmas! 
I've got one more post up my sleeve for this week and then I'm taking a little break to spend time with my family until the New Year - I hope everyone had a fab weekend and I'll see you tomorrow.

Our Holiday Card 2015

 I may have mentioned in our holiday photo shoot post that my kid was not ready for his close up when Christa whipped out her camera. 

He fussed, rolled around and picked his nose in all of his toddler boy glory.

But there was one moment.
One laugh.
And a ton of teeth.

Behold, our 2015 Holiday Card:

You guys. I die for those jagged, crazy, over sized chompers. 

Justin, Gray and I wish you a Happy Holiday, New Year, Everything

Gifting the Clemson Fanatic Husband with JCPenney

As you all know by now, my sweet, calm, rational husband has a bit of a passion.
Passion/obsession, tomato/to-mah-to, but either way, come late August, I watch my dependable, intelligent, hard-working husband turn into a screaming banshee decked out in orange and purple.

This season has been no different, with one tiny exception:

Clemson University is ranked the #1 football team in the entire country.

Go ahead and take a minute to let that sink in.

The last time Clemson won a National Title was in 1981 (I am only partially ashamed that I can rattle that off), so well before my darling husband made his way into this world. After many years of sitting in the stands for every single home game and praying for a win, we have finally found ourselves fans of one of the only undefeated teams in the nation. 

And it feels so good.

My husband is, if nothing else, an optimist when it comes to his Tigers.
This year, as we discussed our holiday budget and how we would financially plan for gift-giving, my husband waited patiently until we figured out our strategies for the baby, families, and friends and then quietly suggested that he could "donate" the funds we allotted to spend on each other to a fund to get us to the National Championship Game. I knew he had already secretly/not so secretly reserved hotel rooms in both play-off destinations and the championship city, but it seems my guy has his eye on the prize.

He wants nothing more than to go to a College Football National Championship Game and watch his Tigers take home the trophy. Who am I to squash his school spirit and Christmas wishes? So I agreed that I wouldn't purchase him any gifts this year and he would have nothing to open on Christmas morning.

But, while I agreed, Santa made no such promises.

And, with my Santa spirit in tow, off I went in search of the perfect Clemson Fan gift at the perfect (read: very reasonable) price point to surprise Justin with on Christmas morning.
After a quick search, I found myself browsing the JCPenney SportsFanShop and was surprised to see that they have a huge selection of Clemson fan gear available online. While Clemson has gained national attention this year, it is a smaller program representing the ACC and it can be tough to get your hands on attractive, high quality fan gear. Thankfully, JCPenney had exactly what I was looking for:

I am so excited to stash this little baby under the tree and for Justin to feel a teensy bit spoiled on Christmas morning. His new little bauble will look perfect while he's cheering on his Tigers (in the stadium!) at the National Championship game.

photo by Christa Rene Photography 

And, if I'm being honest, I have to admit that I took a peek at the Women's SportsFanShop and might just have to add this pair of flats to my "Game Day" wardrobe.

For less than $75, I think two of us may see "surprise" Clemson themed gifts under the tree this year. 

I blame Santa. 

If you have a crazy college (or pro!) sports fan in your life, you have to take a peek at the SportsFanShop, no matter how "small" your program is! JCPenney has an impressive amount of teams of all sizes covered from tee shirts to ballet flats, dog leashes and baby onesies. And no, I'm not going to admit how long I spent dawdling in the women's Fan Shop before remembering that I was shopping for my husband! 

What would you put under your tree from the JCPenney SportsFanShop? Leave a comment below and you will be entered for a chance to win a $100 JCPenney gift card! 

To check out great holiday gift ideas from brands like Nike, Levi's, Keurig, and more at JCPenney, just head over to their website and follow them on FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagramYoutube, and Google+!

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Shearling, Fur and Capes, the Mom Edition

disclaimer: I say "mom body" with love. I had a baby like a billion months ago and still refer to myself as having a mom body. It's ok, just go with it. For reference, I am 5'9" and typically wear a size L/30 in jeans/10 in dresses. All of my real sizes are listed below.

Ok, fellow rockers of the Mom Bod, today we're tackling layering trends and I'm doing all of the heavy lifting (so that you don't have to!). 

I'm re-evaluating my go to fur vest now that I'm post baby, pitting two shearling vests against one another and trying on a cape. 

Yep, a cape.

To make the comparisons easy, I wore the same top, leggings and boots in every photo and kept all of the layering pieces under $75.

Can we all just take a moment to admire the boots?

| boots I'm wearing my true size of 9.5 in the boots and think they fit true to size |  hat

Seriously, I don't know why I let my pride keep me from wide calf boots for so long. They are ah-mazing. This particular pair is, in my opinion, the perfect wide calf boot because the elastic is hidden in a tiny slit on the inside of the leg. Honestly, nothing about them says "my calves look like sausages when squeezed into regular width boots", and for that, I am grateful.

Ok, moving on.

The Faux Fur Vest

| vest  wearing size M, really need a L post baby | scarf | necklace c/o | bangles |

I love my fur vest from last year and I'm glad to see that people are still rocking them. This particular vest has a faux leather trim in black that really ups the luxe factor - and thankfully, doesn't require any sort of closure over my ladies, because that ship has sailed. I made sure to seek out a vest that didn't have a ton of weight to it so that one, I don't sweat excessively in it and two, I don't look like a bear headed into hibernation. I am pleased to report that my post baby body can still wear my pre-baby purchase as a layering piece but there is no way I could come even remotely close to closing that bad boy. I still think the fur vest looks on trend and I plan to keep rocking it this season.

Verdict: anyone can rock this look as long as the vest isn't super puffy.
No one needs to add bulk to their lady lumps. 

The Shearling Vest(s)

 Shearling Vest | Sweater Back Shearling Vest

 I waited until this season to add a shearling vest to my wardrobe. While the shearling look was in last year, I wasn't sure that it was going to be back for a second season. I held out until Black Friday and snagged two different vests at very, very reasonable price points to take for a test run.
Let's compare them:

The Faux Shearling Vest

vest | wearing a size XL because it's from the Juniors Dept.

I'm loving this version of a Shearling - it's only $40 and has a great shade to it. The shearling itself looks much more expensive than the price point and the vest can fasten with a tusk button at the front (I'm holding the button and loop in the photo).

 The shearling lapels are not super floppy so they don't add bulk but they also don't make much of a statement. Definitely take note that this vest is from the Juniors Dept and I'm wearing a XL - if you're tall, you may find that this vest hits a little short, especially if you aren't wearing a monochromatic outfit. If you have big boobies you're going to need to size up - I can fasten this vest over my double d's but it takes a bit of wrangling and isn't exactly comfy.

Sweater Back Faux Shearling Vest

| vest | wearing a size L |

This vest has a fun element in the back and, in my opinion, a teensy tiny design flaw:

I included this (super awkwardly posed) photo on purpose because one, I wanted to show off the super cute back detail and two, I wanted to show how the shearling on this pieces has a bit of a fuzzy texture to it. The shearling peeks out of the arm holes on this vest and sheds a bit, which ultimately lead to a bit of a fuzzy sweater back. Of course, for $68, we have to have our expectations in check, and a quick roll of a lint roller could alleviate the extra fuzzies, so I still think this guy is a strong contender.

Verdict: I wish the sweater back had the sheerling of the traditional style vest! Both price points are so friendly that I think either would be a great addition to a wardrobe. Sadly, I am going to pass on both because I think the length of the traditional/first vest is just a teeny bit short on me and the shearling of the second is just a bit too fuzzy for me.

The Cape

 cape | wearing size L

Ok, the cape is a stretch for me. I want to love it, and I think it looks so, so cute with the all black outfit but, in all honesty, I don't know how to work my arms when I'm wearing it. The arm holes are super low and only my forearms stick out. I can't really bend my arms and I can't imagine carrying any bag bigger than a clutch, let alone a tote or diaper bag. There is no way I could gracefully pick up the baby while wearing it so it will for sure be a date night only look. If I consider it strictly outerwear and not a part of my outfit, I think I can get on board. But I will say that this particular cape has bulky shoulders and if you're already a bigger broad like myself, you may find that to be less than flattering. So, yeah, tread lightly on this one.

Verdict: surprisingly, I'm keeping it! I have high hopes that date nights will exist in our life and this is the outfit I want to rock when I only need to tote a clutch.

The moral of the story is that you can, in fact, wear trendy pieces with a mom body! Just remember to ensure that you aren't adding bulk, are sizing appropriately for your lumps and bumps and that you don't have to invest in super pricey pieces to hop on a trend.

Now go forth and layer!

Pomegranate Blood Orange Prosecco Sparkler

Let's talk bubbles, shall we?

Recently, I was on the hunt for a not too sweet, glam, bubbly cocktail for an upcoming girl's day and I whipped up a gorgeous drink (with ingredients that I already had in my fridge!) that you need to taste immediately. It also happens to be super easy to make and features Voveti Prosecco, so you know it's going to be a win.

Perfect, I knew you would be! 

Let's make it. 

To whip up my Pomegranate Blood Orange Sparkler you'll need:
Champagne flutes
Cocktail sugar
Voveti Prosecco
Pomegranite Juice
San Pelligrino Blood Orange

Ok, first pop that Voveti Prosecco
 (and p.s. Voveti is killer for entertaining. The bottle looks sleek, the craft batch makes for a clean - not too sweet - taste and the price is crazy affordable, so get on that)

| ring, Old Navy not available online, similar | tee | jacket Forever 21 not online, similar | bangles | necklace 

As a side note, I don't love popping a bottle in front of a crowd (I'm always afraid I'm going to break a window or something) so I open just before guests arrive. For this cocktail, I love the look of the Voveti prosecco being poured over the juices, so I'll leave the open bottle nearby and pour as my guests arrive.

Part of what makes this drink so gorgeous and taste so delicious (if I do say so myself) is the sugared rim. It looks so festive and special but is really easy to do. I snagged my bronzey-gold cocktail sugar from Dell Cove Spices on Etsy and love the color.

To rim the glasses, you'll need a slice of fruit to make the sugar stick. For this drink I used a clementine slice (because I had them on hand and because the hint of orange flavor is perfection). A lime would also be perfect for this drink if that's what you have stocked in your bar.

To rim the glasses:

Dump a little sugar onto a plate

rub the outside and inside rim of the glass with the fruit
 (don't squeeze the fruit too hard or it will drip down the glass and be sticky/need to be cleaned)

turn the glass upside down and twist it in the sugar 

if you don't get a thick coat of sugar, touch up the rim with the fruit slice and twist back in the sugar plate - be sure you got the inside rim of the glass sticky -  that's the biggest trick to ensure a full coat of sugar 

Now that we're all sugared up, let's get to mixing.
The proportions of this drink are so easy -
just mix in thirds

Start with filling the glass 1/3 of the way full with pomegranite juice
then add a third of San Pellegrino Blood Orange
(make sure to do the pom first because it's the most tart)

Finally, top the glass with Voveti Prosecco! 

 If you're making for a large crowd, this could easily be made in a large pitcher just before guests arrive and poured into the sugar rimmed glasses. Use a clear pitcher for pretty pouring or separate the batch out into smaller carafes stashed around the party space and let guests fill their own glasses as refills are needed!
Girly, sweet, sparkly and a little touch of tart, this will please them all, trust me.

And considering how easy it is to make, your friends will be uber impressed that you pulled out all of the stops with such a gorgeous party punch. If the rich coral color doesn't seal the deal, go ahead and tell them that the Voveti Prosecco is made in small batches and only 15,000 cases are produced a year. That should really bowl those babes over.

Cheers, ladies! 

Thanks for the stunning photos, Christa Rene Photography!

SAHM Seeks Open Minded, Non-Helicopter, Wine Enthusiast SAHM Friend

wanna be my friend?

SAHM Seeks Open Minded, Non-Helicopter, Wine Enthusiast SAHM Friend

I am: a lover of yoga pants, enjoy hiding my lack of bra with a blanket scarf, never seem to have clean floors, think my kid is awesome but rarely say so to strangers and know that my play room is covered in crumbs and spilled sippy cups. I speak fluent sarcasm, Starbucks and wine and can enjoy all of the above morning, noon or night. I am open to new adventures (but only if they occur before nap time) and used to be incredibly punctual. I can also sing all of the words to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song, even though my husband once tried to convince me that they were singing "we're splitting the seams, we're full of beans". I rarely answer my phone but am quick with an emoji text reply and I never make my bed.

You are: non-judgemental, open to allowing our children to "free play" in my gated play room, not opposed to purposefully avoiding Pinterest-y activities, willing to ignore my dirty floors, open to feeding our toddlers Chic Fil A and other processed foods, stay home most of the time and are available to get together at 9am on a week day to hang/burn the hours until nap time. You are also able to overlook the fact that I may not shower for days at a time. Bonus points if you must drive past a Starbucks to get from my house to yours, if you have an inappropriate sense of humor and think your kid is sometimes kinda rogue. Double bonus points if you own more than one brand of dry shampoo at all times (but ultimately know that Suave is best), believe that a somewhat matching work out top and bottom is an outfit and expect a glass of wine during late afternoon play dates. 

We both enjoy long walks around the neighborhood (especially if that walk is in the direction of the new doughnut place), commiserating over our shared exhaustion and trusting that our children will learn to play together without our constant, um, guidance.

Whistlers need not apply 
(if you got that Big Bang reference, you're in)

Hello, it's me.

Holy crap on a cracker, I haven't blogged in forever.
Sorry guys, I totally dropped the ball. We went to my parents in Virgina for an entire week and I just settled into all things Thanksgiving (so, eating) and the next thing I knew, it was back to reality in much tighter pants. 

Anyway, I missed you and we have tons to discuss. Before we get down to business, I need to abuse my position as your local neighborhood blogger and photo dump a ton of annoying family and baby photos on you. I mean, if I don't blog Thanksgiving, did it really happen?
(the answer is no).

We started the weekend before Thanksgiving with a little tailgate party, babe in tow

(the baby tailgate set up is legit, if I do say so myself) 

G actually made it into the stadium this time (in headphones and strapped to my back like a 25lb bowling ball) but we ended up getting some rain (despite a totally rain free forecast) and decided that we aren't those parents who stand in a stadium with their baby in the rain. 
Yeah, yeah, we're awesome. 

After our big game day Saturday, we packed for our big trip to Virginia and snuck in a quick photo session for our holiday cards. I will obviously post way too many of those in a separate post, but here's a little sneak peek: 

Christa shot the photos and I loooove the shots she managed to grab of Justin and Gray, so stay tuned for those (I know you're on the edge of your seats!).

After both guys told Christa they had suffered more than enough time in front on the lens, we packed up and headed to the airport. 

Gray is at an interesting age for flying....
and by interesting, I mean miserable. I will honestly be relieved when he turns two and is required to have his own seat. It will of course cost more, but we will all benefit from the added wiggle room. 

 (on this week's to do list: handle that mullet situation)

We spent the week doing all things "Home" and played in Colonial Williamsburg

spent time with family

went fishing 

pre-gamed for the Clemson game with food
(and drinks)

worked Black Friday 

and went on movie dates

Now that we're home, we're under a mountain of laundry but ready to get back into the swing of things. We have lots of holiday decorating to do and I can't wait to get this house all decked out for the first time. 

 (gratuitous photo from the holiday shoot)

Now down to business.

This week I have a cocktail recipe that it so easy but so pretty, another round up of Mom Uniforms with lots of new players and, by request, my go to purchases from Trader Joe's. If that doesn't float your boat, I'm bringing back Asked and Answered! 

oh, and get this!
I'm officially booked on a flight for the Willow Crowns pop up shop at West Elm Houston on December 19! If you're a Houstonian, you have to drop by! 

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving full of love and laughter!