Reno Reveal: One Room Challenge Guest Room

Ready for another Reno Reveal?

This one is One Room Challenge style, so it's got an extra element of fun. And by fun, I obviously mean that it came with a six week deadline.

I had grand plans for this room when it all started six weeks ago and, quite frankly, only one element in this entire space (the pillows!) managed to go according to plan. Yet again, my absolute inability to visualize the size and scale of a space got the better of me and I was left scrambling, rearranging and changing my game plan on Install Day. When people ask what advice I would give someone going into a renovation I always say to have a decor plan, do your best to execute it, but be prepared that (in my opinion) you really can't know how a space is going to hold your design until you see it in real life.

As it turns out, I underestimated how small our Guest Room really is. I knew we "borrowed" 2 feet from the space to make the baby's bathroom a usable, livable space but I just didn't see the implication of two missing feet until I tried to squish a queen bed, two end tables and a chest into the space. For the number girls out there, the room is 10x10 1/2. That means nothing to me but I'm told (by my husband) that some of you might understand that.

Needless to say, by the time I saw my space in real life (ie: I finally cleared out all of the boxes and randomness) I knew I was in for some major design changes. I should also mention that I waited until yesterday to clear the room out. Not a pro move, at all.

We do need this space to function as a guest room so I had to get creative and shop my own house for pieces that would round out the room.

Ok, enough chat, let's get down to the photos.

As always, all the details are sourced at the end, all Before photos are unedited so you can see the space how we saw it and let me know if you have any questions!


Before the One Room Challenge

My goal for this space was to branch out and use color and pattern. Bold color and pattern, preferably! We all know that I love white and neutrals but I thought that this guest room should be fun and pack a punch.

I also wanted to use my wrought iron headboard and keep the wall color, Ben Moore's Palest Pistachio.

In order to bring in lots of visual interest, I reached out to local small shop owner Elizabeth of Wheaton and Whaley Designs. She was recommended to me by Laura Cox (another great local maker) and I basically begged Elizabeth to help me. Thankfully, Elizabeth was on board, even after I told her I was terrible at mixing patterns and if she left me to my own devices I would use white, grey and navy. Again. I shot her one inspiration pic and the rest was all Elizabeth! She picked out the perfect combo of bold patterns that I adore in the space. As a side note, her craftsmanship is simply perfect. She stocks tons of gorgeous pillow covers and inserts in her shop and you're going to need all of them. Immediately.

And, in totally unrelated news, the side tables that I meticulously refinished spray painted didn't make the cut. There just wasn't enough space in the room for their chunky foot print. Thankfully, I found the perfect replacements (that were holding court in my living room)!

Ok, ready for the After?

Sorry to our guests who will have to stare at too many of our wedding photos.

I love the super soft silver pattern of the drapes paired with the silver accents in the room. 

 It's a tiny space but I think I managed to make it cozy. In the end, I used a bed frame/mattress, headboard, side tables, curtain rods, rug and stool that we already had. I added bedding, pillows, curtains and some accessories but kept this project on the inexpensive side of things (because we are still smarting a little from an entire house gut job).

Many, many thanks to Wheaton and Whaley Designs for working their magic on my pillows and thanks to Calling It Home for hosting the One Room Challenge!

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Wall Color: Ben Moore Palest Pistachio
Headboard old, similar
Campaign Side Tables old and purchased locally, similar and similar
Duvet Amazon
Rug so, so old.
Stool/Side Table old, similar and much cuter
Curtains Home Goods, similar
Pom Pom Throw Blanket, Home Goods similar
Lamp Home Goods, identical version
Picture Frames Pottery Barn
Tray Home Goods, similar
Cow Creamer Williams Sonoma
China Pottery Barn
White Throw Lily for Target, Similar

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  1. Go good! Love those all those textiles - the pom pom throw and mix of pillows is fantastic!

  2. Y'all nailed it with the pillow pattern mix. The garden stool is the perfect touch too! xx

  3. I love all the patterns together. This small room definitely packs a big punch! :)

  4. Love the mixture of pillows - no way could I have mixed and matched those patterns! Girl welcome to my bedroom - aka my master. Which I believe is 12x12 (I may be being liberal) and literally the exact size of my daughters room. Just a renters paradise I tell ya! You made it work and I love it, we seriously need a redo but I just don't see that happening until we move one day!

  5. Those side tables work PERFECTLY with your headboard! Happy results!

  6. Everything is just so ... 😍😍😍😍 gorgeous

  7. Thanks for setting up my room! Its gorgeous! Let me know when you're ready for me to move in...I'll bring the wine... ;)

  8. i LOVE the pillows! especially the euro set in the back. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. It is gorgeous! When can I come and stay?! :-) Though when you said small, I was thinking, oh, hey, I know about small, and then you came at me with a room that is almost double the size of both our guestrooms! Lol! The pleasures of country cottage living! I've made them work though, as best I can!

  10. The pillows are absolutely gorgeous! And the light in there makes the space look so inviting... You might have a second career as a decorator!

  11. That is pillow perfection right there. Those measurements are right on par with all 3 of the bedrooms in our house #thestruggleisreal

  12. I love what you did with the space. I don't have the eye for pattern mixing so I couldn't pull it off, but it looks great! My husband and I are building our first home and will be moving in January. Our master is fairly small and the only practical place to put our bed, is on the wall that has two windows; which means our bed will cover the windows. I love that your headboard is open and allows the light from the window in...My dilemma is, do I buy a headboard and just suck it up that its going to take up some of the windows or do I forego the headboard and go wild with extra throw pillows? Any suggestions?! I absolutely love your style and what you've done with your home!

  13. The pillow add such fun patterns and colors. I think you did a great job in a small space!

  14. I have a guest room that is about that small and it is definitely a challenge:) You did a great job and those end tables are perfect!


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