One Year Photos

I've been holding on to these sweet shots since the babe's first birthday and I just had to share a few.
I wanted the baby's first year photos to be easy, sweet, reflective of our life and in our new house.
Many, many thanks to the amazingly sweet and patient Christa Rene Photography for rolling with the punches and snapping some of my most treasured photos to date.

when you try to pose a baby....

a sneak peek of our bedroom! 

and our playroom, too! 

Ok, I get that not everyone wants to have a photo shoot on the floor of their kitchen, but dumping out that cabinet makes my babe so happy - why wouldn't I want to document that in all of it's crazy glory? He started emptying the cabs and we pulled up some floor and sweet Christa snapped away.
 It might be weird, but these are my fave pics!  

Look at that determined little expression....

Our life, captured in one single snap 

Many of you have asked how I choose my photographers so tomorrow's Asked and Answered will address just that!

Thanks for indulging me in the photo onslaught, I owe you one! 


  1. Love seeing G in those candid shots and love the fact that J has goldfish in his hands.....bribery at it's finest!

  2. Love seeing your little one in the photos! My little one loves nothing more than to empty a kitchen cabinet, so I totally understand your love of those photos. He has gotten so big! Really looking forward to the next asked and answered.

  3. I love these photos! They are so bright and airy and perfect!

  4. I love these so much! the best shots are the ones that truly document what life is like and these do exactly that. not to mention, your photog had beautiful people to work with ;)

  5. I love these so much! Especially the last one. My fave.

  6. beautiful photos!! i love the candid shots :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  7. These are so gorgeously simple. I love them so much. Definitely pictures to treasure <3

  8. These are my favorite types of the photos. The ones you will look back on and truly cherish! So sweet!

  9. Super adorable!!! Love lifestyle sessions :)


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