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My husband thinks the absolute best thing about his legal union with a Blogger is that said Blogger (that's me) makes Wish Lists for holiday gifting. He prefers when I drop my Wish Lists with enough advanced warning that he can order directly from my links and have them delivered in time for Mother's Day, Christmas, Arbor Day or what have you.

But I have Birthday Anxiety.

Like, hard core, don't talk about it, don't plan a party, please for the love of all things don't sing to me, fear of my own birthday. 

I've always been a suffered of BA. 
As a child, my mom was forced to send me to my room during my birthday party prep because watching the decorations go up sent me into a straight panic attack (seriously, why no one medicated me before my mid-twenties, I'll never understand). 

As an adult, my BA prevents me from crafting witty blog posts about turning the page on a new year, what being the big three-one means to me and, of course, whipping up a beautiful graphic with a round up of the presents that I would love to open on the big day. 

So, what's a husband to do?
Buy me wine.
And a gift card to Nordstrom.

(P.S. very wise choices, Husband, very wise)

I hope I'm not the only one who cannot hold on to a gift card to save her life. Those babies burn a hole in my pocket like you wouldn't believe. While I cannot stomach a birthday cake with my name on it, I can stomach discussing how I should spend that puppy.

I think at this stage in the game, I'm not into attempting to try on jeans (I'd rather stab my eye with a fork), so I'm headed for the shoe department with my gift card in hand. Shoes are always my friend (even though my feet grew a half size while I incubated my offspring) and never make me feel larger than life. I've had my eye on this pair of Toms booties (in Stucco, not black) since we moved back South and I can wear real shoes 11 months out of the year. Does anyone own these? Are they comfy? And by comfy, I mean do they feel like flip flops?

If I were really being honest about my lifestyle, I'd just go to Rack and buy like five pairs of cheap black leggings and call it a day but it's my birthday and I can live in a dream land of actual outfits and real shoes if I want to!

So, there it is.

My attempt to address turning one year older without really talking about my birthday.

I'm weird, just go with it. 


  1. Happy Unbirthday to you?! The opposite of you is me. Who declares the whole month of March birthday month. My husband finds nothing cute about it and my constant barrage of "if you love me you should buy me this" emails. Hey what can I say, hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Despite your BA I hope it was a good one.
    Side note - I meant to text you Happy Birthday, but I forgot. So after reading this it was totally planned :)

  2. Word to gift cards and wine being perfect gifts. However, to me, I should get my birthday off as a holiday and everyone else should too because, I need choices on who is going to drive me around all day for pedicures, brunch (because mimosas), and then spend their night making mine special. So I don't ask for much on my birthday.... just it to practically be a national holiday. (who am I kidding..it already is.) ;)

  3. I'll make wishlists, which my husband sees, yet he still waits until the last minute and pulls the "just go get what you want". Every year I just buy myself an ice cream cake.....

  4. I"m so with you on this birthday thing. Here's my own blogpost this week on the same subject (http://evertonandwest.blogspot.com.au). Is it a LEO thing?

  5. Oh, friend, you are not the only one with BA. After several years of horrible birthdays - legit horrible - I now fear my actual birth date more than any other day of the year. It seems that no matter what I do or how low I set my expectations, it just always manages to be a terrible day. Sigh.

  6. Gift cards are always a win if you ask me. Especially from the in-laws… don't try to pick out a sweater I'm going to like because 99.9% of the time I won't like it! Sorry!

  7. Hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend! I know nothing of the TOMS you linked to; however, if someone confirms that they do, in fact, feel like flip flops, LET A SISTER KNOW. (Unlikely, I know, but just had to throw it out there in case there truly is a magical pair of heels that feel like sandals.) Happy birthday!

  8. I hate my birthday, but I love everyone else's birthday.


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