Wins and Losses

super real and unglam photo by Christa Rene Photography

  Today's Victories:

I showed some self control and gave the baby exactly half of our shared croissant from Starbucks

the baby wore two different outfits today, both clean

 the baby gate to the playroom was installed and proved to be very, very effective

he ate organic pouches, organic pancakes and some sort of blueberry breakfast bar thing.  According to the packaging, all of that was healthy.

I waited until after 6pm for my first glass of wine 

I picked up the dog toys, baby toys and rogue bottles that were tossed all over the house before I fell into bed at exactly 7pm

I did one load of laundry and made the bed

I put on lipstick

Today's Defeats:

 I showed some self control and gave the baby exactly half of our shared croissant from Starbucks. I really wanted the whole thing. 

Leaving the house to run errands and only making it through one before the baby lost his shit and we returned home, milkless and road weary. 

The DVR in my bedroom broke. It literally froze on a re-run of Four Weddings, otherwise known as the new version of water boarding. 

I needed an entire can of dry shampoo to rectify my hair situation. I hope the lipstick was bright enough to distract from my "top knot"

 The dog refusing to eat the grapes off of the floor that I so lovingly cut in half for the baby. I left them there for like 3 hours hoping she would get the memo.
*no need to worry about the dog ya'll, I knew she wouldn't actually eat the deadly grapes as she is very picky about what she will scavenge from under the highchair, I just didn't want to bend down and pick them up myself*

Having to put on a bra because we had an appraiser coming to the house - the appraiser was 30 minutes late and I was most mad that I had to wear a bra that long.

I have yet to unpack from the weekend away so I had to dig said bra from my suitcase, which I promptly zipped back up and put right back on my floor. 

Final Score: 
A Draw


  1. Grapes are toxic to dogs. I learned this after weeks of sharing grapes with mine. I still wonder why the hospital let us bring our new baby home after almost killing my dog on a weekly basis :)

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  3. No grapes for the dog! I think they might even be worse than chocolate for them so you're lucky he (she?) didn't like them!

  4. Ugh we don't even keep grapes or raisins in the house anymore & Naomi loves them so. I totally feel you on the dry shampoo though, I'm about to head into the bathroom & see if this situation can be saved for a business lunch. Keep me in your thoughts. 😂


  5. Buddy... I am so proud of you. To share that croissant with G in a def win in my book. Those things are so flaky and warm, I don't know how you did it. Final Score: Win.

  6. I think a day with lipstick is automatically productive!

  7. You have much more self control than me, I love a good croissant! Ugh that stinks about your DVR.

  8. Lol this cracked me up! And is so like my days too - you win some you lose some! ;)

  9. good for you for sharing that croissant... pretty sure i would have just given the baby some crackers. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  10. slacking dog! I hate that when mine wont do their jobs! lol

    and now I want Starbucks. Gonna make it happen.

  11. Are you wearing the Lululemon Iconic Wrap in that picture? Because it looks great and you actually just motivated me to break it out of my closet and starting figuring out how to wear it more.

  12. We totally had to use hydrogen peroxide a few weeks ago to induce vommitting when our dog ate a few rogue raisins from the experience...oh boy!


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