Teenage Dream

Boring Disclosure: I was provided the items reviewed in this post but, as always, every word written is mine alone and based upon my honest experience and opinions. Let's be real, I ain't got time to make this stuff up.

Ok, let's talk acne.

Adult acne.

So, so damn sexy.

I honestly thought that by the time I was 30, my skin would finally catch a break from the torment of pimples, scarring and acne washes that peeled the top layer of my face off.

Yeah, no such luck.

I did get a teensy break through my pregnancy (which I did not see coming) but that just cleared the way for the new wrinkles and old scars to darken thanks to the hormone surge that is being knocked up. 

But since I evicted my off spring, I'm back on the acne roller coaster. Stress, Aunt Flo, travel and (probably) my 1,000 Chick Fil A visits a week all compound and show up on my money maker.

Not a good look.

Ya'll in a minute, I am going to do something that I never, ever thought I would do.
I'm going to publish a photo of my face, make up free, freshly scrubbed from the hot shower and completely unhidden by bangs for the entire planet to see.

If you aren't into that, and I can't say that I blame you, then go on ahead and skip to the bottom, you'll want to check out the end of this post, promise.

So anyway.

An Instagram friend of mine, Brittany, reached out to me after I went and blabbed about my skin during a rogue moment of self wallowing. She thought she might know just what to do and would I be interested in giving her 3 months to get my mug in order.

Frankly, I didn't think she had a shot.
We were in the middle of the move, stressed to the max, eating out constantly and traveling all over the place. But hell, who am I to stop a girl from taking on a challenge.

So I humored her, took her handy dandy little Rodan + Fields Solution Tool test and the next thing I knew, these babies were in my mail box.

Brittany told me that I just had to take a before photo.
Had to.
I just had to be able to see the difference when I looked back three months later......

So I set up my DSLR on the tripod and caught this shot of my skin fresh out of the shower.

Jesus take the wheel.

Try to ignore my busted lip. 
I do that to myself when I'm super stressed. It's gross and we don't need to talk about it. 

But go on and take note of the pimples, new red scars, old deep scars, redness and forehead wrinkles.

So, anyway. 

Seeing that shot in real time spurred me to tear open that Rodan + Fields box and get to scrubbing. I was prepared to start a new acne regimen and then need to hide out for a week or two as the wash peeled my face off and left me looking like Samantha at Carrie's big book party. 

But, much to my cynical surprise, the Unblemish Kit never once dried my face out.
The wash is sulfur based so it calms your skin instead of searing it off, like salicylic acid might.  
At Brittany's suggestion, I did add a bit of Cetaphil moisturizer to my routine as I already use it and I need the moisture on my combo skin.  

I started using the system at the end of April and took my After photos today, July 29, with the same camera, selfie style. 

Wanna see them? 

I honestly can't believe the change.

Maybe it's just me....

Ok, just kidding, here's the After shot, sans makeup and unedited:

Wanna know how to tell for sure that this photo is unedited and shot by moi in the mirror?
That double chin.

Buzz, your girlfriend....woof.
(name that movie)
One more After for good measure:

I never expected to see a difference in my forehead wrinkles! 
That was a total bonus that I really just noticed when looking at these shots.  

And, for your viewing pleasure, a side by side:

kinda crazy huh?

Let's get to the good stuff, shall we?
Brittany is some sort of Rodan + Fields angel because she has two of their most popular products sitting in her cute little hands, just ready to give away to one of my readers!

Want to get your hands on the impossible to order because it's always sold out Foaming Sunless Tan and the super popular Daily Body Moisturizer

Enter below and I'll announce a winner on Monday!

P.S. If you wanna chat with Brittany, the acne whisperer, you can email her at brittanyjgruber@gmail.com or check out her blog 


  1. I never ever believe products that claim to change your skin (c'mon ProActiv) but whoa...I want to try this. I don't have too much acne anymore but after having a baby, my skin just looks tired. I would give a lot to have smooth, glowing, even skin!

  2. Love this post! Hate the fact that turning 30ish means tiny wrinkles. What gives aging? Lame.

  3. My problem is I like to pick at every zit out there. Is there a cure for this?

  4. I can get on board with reducing the forehead wrinkles for sure. You look great.

  5. That's crazy! Sign me up! I have sooo many blackheads. So, so many.

  6. Love the Home Alone reference! So funny. Trying new products right now but this will definitely be next to try if that doesn't work.

  7. Hate all of the blackheads and large pores on and around my nose!

  8. What a difference! You skin looks so smooth and beautiful!

  9. Wow this is great! I just heard about this company a week ago. The results look amazing!

  10. Hot mama! You're skin looks amazing! I'm going to check out their products so my skin looks just as good as your's.

  11. Your after skin is amazing! My dark spots are horrendous to the point of thinking of taking lasers to my face but this seems like a much better (and less expensive) option!

  12. This stuff looks amazing! I have pretty bad acne and redness and sometimes I feel like nothing helps.

  13. Ech, wrinkles and stress acne - everyone loves RF, I guess because it actually works... :)

  14. First off, your before picture is gorgeous (seriously!) and that stuff is awesome! I wonder if it would get rid of my crazy red splotches..

  15. I have never had really bad acne when I was a teenager ...but it never went away. There are always a few pimples on my face and it's driving me nuts!

  16. Under eye area...bags, dark circles, you name it, I got it.

  17. Ugh, this horrible pregnancy mask is by far my biggest concern!

  18. I have been pretty lucky to have decently good skin, but every month around that joyful time I break out with pimples, it's lovely.

  19. wrinkles, redness - you name it - I have almost pulled the trigger on R&F a few times now.

  20. Definitely how sensitive my skin is! Oh, and wrinkles, now that I will shortly be the big 3-0...

  21. My mom has great skin, but I would like a little extra help keeping wrinkles away!

  22. I have been wanting to try this!

  23. I've always been skeptical but those pictures are pretty impressive! My problem is big pores. And laziness. I'm most likely to "wash" my face with makeup removing face wipes.

  24. I've been wanting to try the sunless tanner...but now I'd like to see their other products. I live in AZ so my face is mostly dry and I do (at 36) have some fine lines/forehead wrinkles that could use some help!

  25. I just want to say (and I am not lying) I think you look pretty damn good without makeup!! I think R&F is getting in my head because I am really starting to think I need it. I always talk about those two small scars from my skin scrape and I want them BANISHED!!!

  26. You look great! A few of my friends just started selling R+F and they're results are remarkable.

  27. I'm using the Refine line from R&F and really am enjoying it. I think I snapped a mirror selfie via iPhone at some point that I probably shouldn't ever look back at. But it is always fun to look at before and afters!! you look awesome gal!

  28. Home Alone!!!!

    I'm 25 and I've had acne since I was 12. right now I'm using (knockoff) Proactiv and still have never gotten the results I really want. It sucks - but your skin looks amazing! That's inspirational.

  29. Impressive, especially on the fine lines!

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Your skin looks amazing! I would say since hitting 30 my biggest concern is keeping my skin wrinkle free!


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