#Parenthood: 7 Things I Think While Watching Disney Jr.

I'm into the list posts right now.
Just go with it. 

7 Things I Think While Whatching Disney Jr.

1. Why is every single TV in this house already set to Disney Jr?
We used to have lives.
(if miraculously not set to Disney Jr: Jesus, who changed the channel to ESPN?! Huuuuurry up, cable box, this kid is about to lose his mind if he doesn't get some Mickey in his system, like, yesterday)

2. Ok, how did Sophia the First's mom land the King if she was just a lowly townsperson?
Someone has some 'splainin to do - and that is an episode that I definitely want to watch. 
Maybe Tim Gunn can narrate. 

3. Hey, Miles from Tomorrow Land, your dad is kinda hot. 
And seems pretty young for your mom....just sayin.

4. Oh come ON! We just saw this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse yesterday. 
Is it not enough that I have to listen to Mickey's voice? At least toss some fresh content my way.

5. I'm pretty sure Hattie on Doc McStuffins secretly says a curse word every.single.episode. 
I swear the other day she said Sure As Shit, Sugar! I hit rewind to hear it again just to ensure that all of the Disney exposure wasn't seeping into my brain and making it useless.

6. Doc's dad is just way too perky. 
I want to see him in guy sweats with peanut butter smeared on his tee shirt and a little bitterness in his tone because that is real life. Instead he's celebrating Cuddle Day with special Cuddle Cakes and pre-breakfast snuggles. No. Just, no. 

7. Chuggington, get the hell out of here with that theme song. 
I will, without fail, sing the Chuggington theme song all.day.long. To add insult to injury, I'll most likely shout BADGE QUEST at the end, in public, because that is my life.


  1. hahaha omg dying. don't have kids [yet] but I've spent faaaaaar too much time watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Caillou and Doc McStuffins with my niece and nephew. Is it bad that I sang that Doc McStuffins theme song to all my pediatric patients last month? I'm prettttty sure they loved it too #notashamed

  2. hahaha dying... chuggington, chug a chug a chug a chug a chungginton or how about Hot dog! Hot dog, hot dog hot diggity dog. I can also sing the full theme song to Sophia if you would like? I would love an episode on how the king fell for her mom. I sort of love Doc Mcstuffins but my opinionated 2 yr old currently only likes Mickey, Chuggington, and Sheriff Callie so I'm missing my Doc and Sophia ;)

  3. The only thing worse than mickey's voice is alien mickey's voice! Those episodes are the worst!

  4. this is hilarious! Cartoons sure have changed since my brother watched them 24/7 (he's ten now). He was all about Dora, Bob the Builder, and the Backyardigans

  5. I think Sofia's mom brought "shoes" for the King to try on. Very suspicious

  6. Oh my gosh, this is hilarious. Seriously... I could write something like this for each of the shows Scarlett is currently obsessed with. Currently Peppa pig, I can't even with Daddy Pig... and she thinks he's SO funny. Ugh

  7. Omg!! This is all so true!!! We have Mickey on repeat over here and it would definitely be nice if they didn't play the same one over and over... And ugh!! That chuggington theme song drives me crazy, it'll be stuck in my head all day now, thank you! Lol!!

  8. Haha you have described our household and thoughts on Disney Jr. in one post! Sofia just had a new episode with Mossy the swamp monster...and that is ALL my 2 yo has been talking about...DAMN YOU SOFIA!

  9. We have Bubble Guppies on repeat at my house. That damn song gets stuck in my head ALL day

  10. Haha I love this! I was just talking to my mom today about how I don't have much longer to watch grown up shows.

  11. lol i have no idea YET. i was listening to disney music the other day with violet and then i remembered she doesnt know what's really going on yet and has no preference for music yet sooooo yah. i put a stop to that. and totally holding off on all that until she's screaming to hear little mermaid. xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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