One, The Party

Friends, I survived. 
I know my emotional state had some concerned that the first birthday party may officially send me to The Home but I made it. Who knew I'd completely lose my marbles over my kid hitting 365 days? 

Might be time to up that Lexapro rx. 

Anyway, since I wasn't able to blast you with social media every second of the babe's actual birthday, I've been holding out on some major one year old celebration shots. Today, I'll bore you with the baby's party with friends and family and throughout the week I'll show you some of the things we did to celebrate on his actual birthday.

We are so grateful to our friends and family for celebrating with us on Saturday. 
We kept things low key and partied at home with nugget platters, sangria and squeeze packs of applesauce. The babe had so much fun that he had to be put to bed after he wrecked his cake. He slept a solid 14 hours and still needed Sunday to pull it together for the work week.

Behold, the largest, most obnoxious photo explosion in Olive and Tate history:

I decided to skip a theme and instead just went with a color scheme of navy, grey, white and cherry red. I loved how the red pops in the photos. Skipping a theme and going with a color palette is perfect for a lazy party planner because you can snag anything you need from Target/Party City/your pantry. 

The cutest deserts of graham crackers, strawberries and fluff dip that not a single person ate! What is up with that, friends and family?!

I separated the kid eats and the adult aps by using the nug platter as the buffer. The kiddos noshed on Goldfish, Pirate's Booty and squeeze packs while the adults crushed two types of goat cheese, cheese straws (Trader Joe's has the best, ever), 42 types of crackers/carbs for dipping, hummus and cream cheese smothered in home made (not by me, obv) Maine Blueberry preserves.

Sangria recipe coming this week - 
we had many requests for it during the party so I promised to blog it!

This kid is so loved.

 And he loved his smash cake
(that I lovingly baked straight from the box)

There are one billion photos of our friends and family enjoying every last nugget, chatting, drinking, chasing babies and playing pool but those are really just special to us so I'll spare ya'll. Thank you one million times over to our dear friend Ashley for taking over my camera so that I could be in the photos and enjoy the day. Also, thanks to my baby for sleeping in the next morning and to our friends for not judging me for ditching them at 8:30pm to go to bed.


Plates, cups, straws, stickers, favor bags, birthday photo banner, silver pennant banners, thank you sign, paper crowns and invites all c/o Minted
Tissue Garland c/o Love Garlands
Pinwheels Minted 
Glass jars Target Dollar Spot 
Hooray Cake Topper Hobby Lobby 
White punch bowl Pottery Barn
Silver punch bowl Pottery Barn
Baby's outfit Sew Heavenly One
Justin's Shirt


  1. So so cute!! You did an awesome job pretty mama! I'm so glad ya'll had fun celebrating and you made it through the 365 day milestone! I knew you could do it :)

  2. Everything is so beautiful. The photos, your dress, your floors, your countertops! Looks like he had a blast!

  3. So cute!! You did an awesome job, love all the details! I definitely cried at the 1st birthday but I thought 2nd was even harder because he seemed like more little boy than baby. It goes way too fast!

    1. I hear you - 2 is way harder as suddenly your tiny baby is a tiny tot!

  4. This is brilliant! Love all the pics and the idea of a color theme!! xx

  5. You did an amazing job! Everything is so adorable!!! I was surprisingly okay when my daughter turned one, but a total wreck when she turned two!!

  6. Everything turned out so adorable!! And I totally would have been all about that graham cracker and fluff dip. ;)

  7. Oh buddy... the party looks amazing. Reid and I are just so sad we were not able to make it down! I can't wait to give that little G a big smooch as soon as I see him next! Congrats on making it through it all! Proud of you friend.

  8. way to go mama! looks like a great party full of friends and good food. :) love love the decorations too. i didnt realize minted sells cake stands! now i totally want one. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. This is probably the most adorable child's birthday party that I've ever seen. Way to go!! Happy belated birthday to your little dude!

  10. Happy belated birthday to the babe! Lovely pictures and the party looks like it was a blast x

  11. So sweet! Love all the touches and my gosh girl your commitment to watermarking is awesome. I got lazy the last round and only had it on the bottom of my photos ;)


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