10 Things I Know For Sure

10 Things I Know For Sure

1. I am a terrible housekeeper. 
The best part about having a dog is that she eats everything that falls/is tossed from the highchair. Except fruit. I'm working on convincing her that she does indeed like raspberries. 

2. I swear too much but I don't care.
 It will really be a bummer when the baby starts repeating things and I have to clean up my act.

3. My distressed denim shorts are super unflattering. 
I wear them anyway. A lot.

4. I use dry shampoo more often than regular shampoo. 
I should work on that.

5. White sheets are a luxury for baby-less people.
I want to stay strong on my white sheet love but my dreamy white bedding has been tormented by the stains of veggie straws to the point of no return.

6. Autocorrect is literally the bane of my existance.
 I could turn it off but I'm weirdly attached to being infuriated by it. 

7. I will always clean up after my baby in a restaurant. 
Like, on the floor, under the table, picking up the food he tossed. I once asked the staff to bring me the broom thing so I could clean up crushed animal crackers. 

8. I should probably make the move to granny panties. 

9. Being a SAHM is weird. 
I'm exhausted, never alone and pee with an audience but most days, the only thing I have to show for it is greasy hair and baby who survived another day. There are no actual benchmarks for success except perhaps the 10 minutes you get with pediatrician who tells you the baby is developing perfectly. Otherwise, it's just a game of mom v. mom comparison and baby v. mom battle of wills.

10. Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry is the best diet soda in a can but it is impossible to find.
 Diet Cherry Pepsi will do in a pinch.


  1. What a fun post, lady! NO to GPs. You can find cute, cheap bikini briefs at Walmart, buy those! Make yourself feel sassy every now and then <3 [not a mom so I don't know the challenge that is trying to stay clean while keeping a human alive, but I think every woman deserves cute underoos].

  2. This post is totally me, first of all #1. I don't even realize how horrible of a housekeeper I am until I go to someone else's house and they say "oh ignore the mess" and I'm like, what mess?! Then I never want to invite them over. I couldn't live without a dog, he's my vacuum/mop. I still swear too much and Scarlett is full on talking, I'm surprised she hasn't picked any of the words up yet. I use dry shampoo WAY more than real shampoo, not ashamed to admit that one ;)

    I should probably make the move to granny panties too, but you know I feel like I'm on my way there... they just keep covering more and more LOL at least they're not the high cut briefs from Walmart ;)

    Ps. Loving your posts lately, keep em coming! XO

  3. I was the same way at restaurants when my daughter was your son's age, thankfully a year later we've finally manange to be a little cleaner when we eat now so instead of 50% (or more) of the plate we just have a few pieces to pick up 😯 love this post BTW! 😄

  4. Oh my gosh...the comparison game is the worst! You can be having an "I rock as a mom" moment and nothing will bring you down a peg or 5 like another mom giving you the side eye when you say your 7 month old just isn't into solids yet.

  5. texting is illegal in greenville county! i didn't know that for a long time but inside city limits, you can get a ticket!

  6. being a SAHM is soooo weird. and wonderful :) working on the not swearing thing too and not watching as much crap tv.... it's a struggle. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  7. You have a doggie? Lol how did I miss this??

  8. Texting and driving is illegal in California! Loving this list I am nodding my head in a agreement to most of these items! (Esp #1)

  9. If you're ever in Maryland - every. single. store. where I grocery shop carries Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry. It's my favorite too. My husband had never heard of it until we started dating.

  10. What a fun post! I totally agree with you on autocorrect, I hate it, but at the same time I must love fighting with it because I've never made the move to turn it off?!

  11. I am SO with you on every one of these!!! My dog is my vacuum cleaner since my son loves to throw some food down every time we eat! And I always try to leave a restaurant cleaner then when we came! I feel like if my son made the mess, I'll clean it up! Dry shampoo is also my #1 right now! I remember watching old movies when girls would say "oh I can't go out Saturday in washing my hair"..... That's totally me today lol!! Great post!


  12. I see you being a good blogger with your Lily bag in that photo :) Have you seen how many times autocorrect screws up my texts to you? Annnnnd I still keep it turned on too.

  13. Your skin is always beautiful! What skincare do you use?


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