Asked and Answered

May I just say how excited I am about the questions that were emailed to me for this new series....
I mean, the very first one was about sex, so clearly, I'm stoked. 

I'm titling this little gem of a series Ask & Answered and I'm going to hold off on the sex question until a bit later (try not to be sad, I'll get to it, promise!) and today I'm going to do a quick round up of some of the quick answer questions that were tossed my way.

Asked: I love Starbucks and am always curious what people drink from what is your go to drink?

Answered: so, believe it or not, I do not enjoy the taste of coffee. I didn't actually start drinking coffee until I moved to Maine and needed something warm to get me through the day. The Starbucks in Bangor has a drive through so I didn't have to brave the elements and get out of the car. Obviously, I became a regular. When I had the baby, the drive through team had me roll up at their window so they could see the baby sleeping in his car seat. My order is the same, rain or shine, -9 degrees or 99 degrees and everyone from my husband to my best friend know it by heart: a grande Pike's Place in a venti cup with extra cream and 5 Splenda. 
Yes, five. 
Four won't cut it and six is just silly.

Asked: Will you be relocating for work for years to come or are you already over it? 

Answered: when we got married, we agreed that we would consider any opportunity that advanced my Husband's career (the career that supports our family) and had the potential to make him happy at the office. I knew that would/could involve many relocations. While 2 moves as a family (and one for me to move to Greenville to be with Justin) in 5 years is a more than I honestly ever imagined, each move has been well thought out and we have agreed to each one - we aren't "sent" somewhere by the company. With that being said, our son is now our first priority. As he gets older, we are less and less thrilled with the idea of uprooting him. We love the Greenville area and are pleased to be back, but if I were a betting girl, I would bet that we'll make one more move in the near-ish future. We would love to stay in this house for many years to come (uh, especially since it's not even finished yet) but I will say that we make design decisions based on re-sale, something that most people don't worry about when picking paint colors.

Asked: ok, so you put it out there, so now I have to ask - how do you feel about your C-Section scar??

Answered: honestly, I never really think about it (unless my skin is dry, then it itches!). It's super, super low - well below my bikini line and it isn't nearly as long as I thought it would be. I was lucky and have very few stretch marks so I think that helps in regards to my feelings about the entire area. At this point (almost a year later), my scar is maybe a little more red than I would like but I know the scar will fade a bit with time (well, once I'm done having babies). Now that I'm thinking about it, I do wonder what will happen once they have to use the same incision area to get other offspring outta my Baby Maker - I mean, will that thing look like rail road tracks? Thankfully, it is covered by any type of bikini bottom I would ever consider wearing at this point in my life and therefor, never sees the light of day. 

Asked: did you hire a designer to help you with your reno?

Answered: nope! Justin and I made the decisions of all the things we wanted in our house and then worked with a drafter and our contractor to make as much of it happen as possible. Honestly, that may have been my fave part of the entire process - I stood in the house in it's original "before" condition and said things like "I need a desk" or "I want a gigantic island" and gestured wildly. The drafter walked around me measuring everything a million times and the contractor would tell me to slow my roll. At the end of the meeting we had a pencil sketch of the layout of the new house and that sketch became the blue print that we've all worked from ever since. 

Next week, I'll hit a big question that came in that deserves it's own post and we'll keep this crazy train rolling! 
Have a question for me? 
Send it, baby!


  1. Woo! I love this series! I'm so excited for you to answer my question. And to try your Starbucks order next time :)

  2. That was so fun. You are so fun. Obsessed.

  3. I LOVE this series! Can't wait to hear the big question. In regards to the c-section scar... I feel the same way about mine, I don't think people (who don't have one) realize just how low the scar is, like my lowest rise bikini's underwear still cover it. Like you I was lucky enough to have no stretch marks the first time around (hoping for the same this time) so my only pregnancy scar is my c-section scar... I kind of love it :)

  4. Good to know your scar is still red a year later. Mine is still red too and raised above the skin some and I'm coming up on a year in August. I'm also nervous about cutting into it again with future babes. Yikes. I don't even want to think about it. Thank God we're numb for that. Also, dry skin is no joke. That little booger will itch so hard and let's be real, we aren't men we can just grab and scratch without anyone batting an eye.

  5. ^^^we CANT grab and scratch. Lord knows if we could I'd be all over that. Lol.

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  7. love this :) We might have to relocate eventually in the future for H's work if he finds a better opportunity. Part of me really wants to just stay put so Violet doesn't have to get used to a new place but I know in the end his job supports all of us and I want him to be happy at work! So when it comes to hiring a contractor how did you do that? I had the hardest time just finding painters that were reasonably priced and they ending up taking forever and doing an OK job... xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  8. clearly, I can't wait for the sex question to be answered......Love this series!

  9. Seriously love this new series!! Great I need to think of a good one to ask...... ;)

  10. This is fabulous!! You are such a star! We have moved a lot too, with a child. I did a sentimental post this week about all our old houses and our renovation project was amongst them, we did that with resale in mind too. I need to think of a good question now too xxx

  11. Love this new series! My hubby and I have moved four times in the past 14 years for his work, we usually manage 4-6 years at each location. I have managed to complete a degree, find awesome jobs and friends. We have two boys the oldest moved at one and six, this last move in May 2014 was my youngest first at 4. I truly hope we are in this location for the long term. I absolutely love our little town and now both sets of parents are within an 1-3 hour trip instead of 14-16 hours.
    As for your c-section scar I was so thankful when with baby #2 the scar from #1 was cut out. It healed badly and there was a very serious infection post op so it was a mess and bothered me quite a bit.

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  14. Seriously love this new series!! Great I need to think of a good one to ask...... ;)


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