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Date Night

Just dropping in to say a quick hey and, because a ton of you asked, give you the details on last night's Date Night Outfit. I wish I could stick around and chat but our cars were broken into last night (nothing of value taken but our cars are trashed, so yet another thing to clean up) and we're dealing with a brand spanking new water leak in our reno nightmare home so I've got to bounce.

We had a great dinner at a local steak house and my husband celebrated his big 3-0 by indulging in tons of steak and expensive bourbon. I celebrated his big 3-0 by indulging in tons of steak and cheap wine. It was a win all around.

Thanks to Ashley for volunteering to watch our wild animal baby so we could sit somewhere quiet and talk about how much we miss him, like the cliche parents that we are!


  1. your cars?? Sorry girly, but hey, you guys are smokin for date night! How cute is that dress!?

  2. You look fabulous, love that dress. SO sorry about the cars, it seems like life is really taking it to y'all! Sending you <3!

  3. Sorry about the cars!!! But you look fantastic.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  4. it's a great time of year for birthday :) happy birthday to him! and BUMMER about the cars! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. Oh no! Sucks so much about your cars! I hope it wasn't too bad. I'm sure that's not exactly what your hubby asked for for his 30th. But you look amazing!!

  6. Oh no that's awful about your cars as if you don't have enough to deal with! Lovely outfits though and happy belated birthday to the hubs xx


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