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Let me begin by saying that Motherhood is a beautiful gift that I am grateful for.

Most days.

If you need a sweet, heartfelt, inspirational post on being a mama, check out this little diddy that I whipped up a few months ago because today just ain't that kinda day.

Today is the kind of day that ends in red wine and cookie butter cheesecake bites that were worth braving a monsoon to procure. 

The kind of day where I hid in my car and was secretly grateful that, at the very least, my kid was restrained in a four point harness and unable to terrorize anyone or anything.

The kind of day where my kid's onesie is never actually snapped at the crotch because he is just so hard to wrestle to the ground after every diaper change and, frankly, I don't care if he looks like he's wearing a dress. 

The kind of day where I managed to stress sweat through my clothes by 10 am after watching my kid crush teething cookies in his bare hands and then slowly but effectively open each finger and watch the pieces fall out onto office carpet. 

The kind of day where people in said office got up to close their doors as my kid tried his new favorite trick of hearing his screeches echo in large spaces.

 Today is the kind of day where I longed to run into my fave salad place for a grown up lunch on the run but just couldn't stomach the idea of unbuckling and re-buckling my kid into his car seat.

 Today is the kind of day where I learned that my kid might actually understand the word "no" at 10 months old and might also already be choosing to ignore me because the sound of the snack keeper hitting the oven over and over again is just that good.

Today is the kind of day where I fed my kid whatever he wanted (organic pouches. check. waffle fries. sure. grande strawberry smoothie. don't bother sharing, buddy.) just to make him happy. 
And ate most of it myself when he threw it back at me (well, most of the waffle fries at least).

Today is the kind of day where I wanted to talk to my best friend on the phone but couldn't be heard over the hyena noises coming from the wild animal wrapped around my leg.

 The kind of day where all I wanted was a glass of wine and someone to serve it to me but my kid hated to be in his highchair and so my husband decided to remove him and place him in our booth. In just a matter of seconds, my husband learned that not only can our kid reach EVERYthing but he can also flip a plate full of lasagna all over a restaurant and then scream like someone is forcing him to clean it up.

Today is the kind of day where we gave up on even bothering to consume our freshly presented dinner and asked for boxes and the check instead.

Today is the kind of day where I slipped out to the chiropractor before bedtime and considered it a spa break.

Today is the kind of day where I reheated the leftovers and called it dinner - again.

Today is the kind of day where I wondered if I should have been more engaged, created some sort of mommy and son craft, scheduled a play date, read him books, sung to him more....

Today is the kind of day where I wondered if I have any idea what I'm doing.

Today is a day that he won.

But tomorrow?

Tomorrow, it's all me, baby.


  1. oh buddy...what.a.day. At least you got to eat waffle fries... there always a silver lining right?

  2. hang in there, mama! it doesn't help that he's super cute. xo

  3. You are a wonderful mother! You are a wonderful mother! You are a wonderful mother! I am virtually sending you a wine cheers and a Ben and Jerry's tub of ice cream. You are a wonderful mother! <3

  4. Why do I feel like this every day?? I think I need to get more points on the board. Jesus take the wheel!

  5. I am sitting here and laugh-agreeing with everything you are sharing. Been there, Mama. And in fact, am sporting a sweet bun right now because my newborn decided to spit up IN. MY. HAIR. And we all know that unlike a normal person, us moms can't just go run and hop in the shower anytime we like. So I am currently waiting for my little to go back to sleep so that I can go wash the sour milk smell off me. So glam.

  6. Umm those cookie butter cheesecake bites are legit. Also, I'm super excited for Henry to get bigger and more mobile and learn new things...and then on the other hand I also kind of dread it a little bit and just want him to stay a little bebe in his infant car seat forever and ever. But hang in there mama, you're doing a great job :)

  7. This sounds so very similar to my today. In fact, I sent my mom a photo of my 11 month old with the caption, 'yes, he does have his pacifier strapped to him when he's not tired. Yes, he is holding two contraband toys (car keys and a hairbrush). And yes we are pants-free before lunch. It is one of those days." Tomorrow is a new day!

  8. So with 3 kids, I have these kind of days a little more often than most. lol I really think I need to find some cookie butter cheesecake bites for days like these! I like that advice.

  9. Looks like I need to invest in some cookie butter cheesecake bites to endure days like these! So sorry it was a rough day. Hope today is a much better one!!! xoxo

  10. Preach it sister. Those days seem to have at least 72 hours in them don't they?

  11. Cookie butter cheesecake bites??? Get out. Hang in there! There are good days and there are bad days but you got this :)

  12. I have two boys 5 & 7 and I hear everything you said loud and clear. That was how I felt many many times and even yesterday kind of was one of those days. I seriously asked someone if it was a full moon and whether or not we would all survive summer break. It does get better but really they can win once and a while and it doesn't mean you aren't doing an awesome job it just means you are picking your battles! Love your blog!!

  13. Don't be too hard on yourself, I think we all get those days, or weeks, or months. By the way it's "tomorrow" and I know you got this. You're a great mama!

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  14. Sounds like a rough day, we had our first restaurant incident similar to yours around Gray's age. I hope today is a better one :)

  15. Ah!! Love the realness and while P has yet to throw a tantrum in public...I know it's coming. I'm scared. SO scared!

  16. I've had so many of those days. But guess what? So much of that stuff is temporary. Eventually, they learn not to yell in restaurants/public places, and husbands learn to leave them in their dang high chairs. They learn to obey you when you say "no" and sit still while you dress them. Just give it a few months, because it does get better. I have a two year old, and I can say that with confidence. (:

  17. Oh I so remember this!!!! But the best advice anyone ever gave me was that it is a phase, it will pass and it did! It's because he is so bright that he is testing you already! Take care love xx

  18. oh lordy hang in there mama!! i STILL havent taken violet to a restaurant yet. we're going to this weekend with my family... wish us luck. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  19. I. NEEDED. THIS. I have an almost 3 month old, and I SWEAR I have so many days like this. THANK YOU for your honesty!!!! And know that there are SO many mommies out there nodding their heads and being all, "HECK YEAH" with each paragraph! THANK YOU!!!!!

  20. I've just started reading you blog and truly, I love the way you share. I am crying with laughter at this post while I nod and high five you! I have 2 boys under 3 and yep, we have lots of these days. x


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