Can't Live Without It

Ok, ladies, I'm keeping this one extra short and sweet because I have quite a few emails, comments and messages to respond to after yesterday's post! Ya'll sure had some strong emotions on that one and I loved reading every single word that you shared. 

I will preface this by saying that this is perhaps one of the more expensive items that I've included in the Can't Live Without It Link Up but it is a game changer, so hear me out.

When we bought our new mattress, we went to a local chain that works the sales charm like no other. It's cool, we get it, everyone's got to make that money, honey. And we mostly avoided all of the shenanigans....except for one thing:

Ya'll, this joker is coconut scented.
And the thickest memory foam of all time.

The salesman convinced us to first choose a pillow from the pillow rack and then had us tote it around to all of the mattresses so that we would get the same "feel" for each mattress and be able to compare them accurately. Yeah, right. He knew the second my face hit that coconut scented piece of Heaven we'd be taking two home. 

The memory foam rocks my husband's allergy infested world and the coconut makes me feel like I'm drifting off to sleep in a magical vacation hammock instead of in my temporary apartment full of boxes.

So, let's talk about the price.

It's kind of high. 

$125 for a pillow?

Yeah, I'm not sure that I would have ever considered paying that for a pillow either but after ours were tossed in "for free" (no such thing) and I've been sleeping on one for two months now, I know that I can never go back to snoozing on a regular old pillow again. 

I did search out a cheaper version, in case you're interested, but I have no idea about the quality or experience, just that the price is lower. If you snag the more wallet friendly version, send me an email and tell me what you think and I'll update this post! 

Did I mention that it comes in Lavender?
Sweet Dreams, mamas!

Ok, your turn!
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  1. You're not crazy about the pillow. I spend $75 on mine from the back doc I was seeing a couple of years ago. I can't sleep without it. I have to take it everywhere on overnights when I go. It has now formed to my head and neck. Hey, some things are worth every penny. Lavender, I put essential oils on my pillow to get that scent and to sleep, a pillow scented with it, I'd never get up.

  2. You had me at coconut scented! Totally acceptable to spend that much too.. I mean you're using it every day right?!

  3. I knew you would fall in love with it! We love ours…and we've had them since last October, and they still smell the same as the day we bought them.

  4. say what?!? Bring that thing with you next time I see you...I want to try it out!!

  5. Say what? I'm totally willing to spend that much on a pillow if it's the best one ever.

  6. Just what I need...another excuse not to leave my bed in the mornings! Does it come with the optional bedside pina colada? ;)

  7. I had no idea scented pillows were a thing! I need this in my life- it sounds amazing!!

  8. Ok the coconut part sounds pretty fantastic!

  9. A scented pillow?! Get outta here! I am always intrigued by super expensive pillows like wtf are they so expensive? It's freaking foam (or feathers) but infusing it with a scent..well that's downright genius!

  10. A lavender scented pillow??? Um. YES!

  11. I need this. End of story. You had me at Coconut.

  12. Did I just read Lavender scent too?? My husbands special, super duper pillow was like $50 and I thought that was high, but once you reap the benefits of it...totally worth it.

  13. My husband bought the lavender scented pillow when we bought our mattress a few months ago..(made fun of him a little for that one). I never would have imagined spending that on a pillow but when you're getting ready to pay big $$$ on a mattress, suddenly $100 sounds so cheap!

  14. I think I need one of each, coconut and lavender! Thanks for hosting such a great link up!


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