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Happy almost weekend my friends!

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Ok, this is huge news.

We passed all of our inspections on the reno and now things are really moving fast!
Dry wall is going up as we speak, floors will go down, tile will be grouted and then it's all gravy! 

So, what does that mean for me?

You guys, we have never had dining room chairs.


We have a gorgeous 8 foot long farm table that Justin and Mark made for me but once the table was done, the project was a wrap. Dunzo. No benches for moi.

In our first house in South Carolina, we used our kitchen chairs, in Maine we just left the table all naked and chair-less but now in the new house we will (finally!) have official dining room chairs!

P.S. You know you are an adult when you lose your mind over chairs.

Wanna see my Can't Live Without Them dining room chairs?

We have 4 of these gorgeous cream linen chairs and then, just to keep things interesting, we decided to do the chairs at the head of the table in grey suede. 

The wood is a light distressed wood that I hope will pop against the dark coffee color of the table and tie in with the new light fixtures. Side Note: if you're in the market for a chandy like our new dining room fixture (we're rocking two of them to make a statement and cover the length of our table), check out this one at a more friendly price point. I also Pinned a ton of our top contenders if you're interested in seeing how the design has evolved. 

I'm headed to Chicago for a Bachelorette Weekend (my goal is to stay awake for all of the scheduled events, #momprobz) and hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Beautiful chairs. The linen fabric is so pretty. So exciting about your house progress. I remember those day so well when things were finally moving towards completion. Went through it again last summer with my kitchen redo. Stressful, but so worth it. At least that is what I say now.

  2. AH I tried to talk my husband into those dining chairs and he wouldn't commit! Definitely working on him in the next few months for them. Also I think our decor is going to be so similar :) haha you have great taste my friend!

  3. Your decorating style is my favourite. I love that you didn't have chairs... lol I guess you never ate at the table?! I found a dream house in my home town... a 100 year old fixer upper and watching your reno makes me want to move and go for it... except it's in PEI (canada)... so basically Maine. Snow... lots and lots of snow. Kind of makes it not worth it haha

  4. Really nice chairs...but it's that farm table that I'm swooning over! Can't wait to have a place big enough to fit one of those!

  5. I love those chairs and think they will go great with your table!! It's so funny how we now go crazy over furniture. I'm totally the same way!

  6. I love those chairs and how you're mixing up the colors! The fact your table didn't have a single chair cracks me up. But how cool that your husband made the table!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  7. We just got the cream chairs for our dining table and LOVE them! Can't wait to see them in your new place!

  8. I can't believe your hubby built that table! It is SOOO beautiful and would cost a fortune in the store. Have fun in Chicago!

  9. We looked at these and were so close to buying them, but ended up with the PB ones because they matched our table better. Can't wait to see them in person! xoxo

  10. You're in Chicago this weekend? I would totally try to creep and meet up with you somehow, but sadly we will be in Michigan. Have a blast at the bachelorette. You are in for some warm midwest weather! Also totally crushing on the chairs.

  11. I LOVE those chairs!!! Girl don't you worry I don't even have a kitchen table let alone dining room table! The struggle is REAL.

  12. That table is gorgeous! Those chairs are going to look amazing. Can't wait to see it all together when the house is done. Enjoy your baby free weekend!

  13. Love those chairs!!! And I'm so jealous your husband built you that table, I can't get mine to build me anything! Have a great weekend!

  14. I really love those chairs, I like the idea of the two colours. I can't wait to see it finished. Have a fabulous weekend xx

  15. Those chairs are exactly like the ones I've been eyeing from Restoration Hardware. I love the World Market prices points better!

  16. I love those chairs, and I love mix-and-match chairs.


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