Demolition Derby

Instead of a boring weekend wrap up post (because, let's be honest, we do the same thing every weekend now that we live in the South: outside, naps, brunch, eat a ton, nap again, rinse and repeat) I thought I would give ya'll a little taste of the Reno.

This may be the scariest (and most interesting) stage of the game.

This is what our house currently looks like:

I'll take you on a little guided tour because, quit frankly, if I'm only looking at photos, I get a little lost myself.

This used to be our Master Bedroom, a linen closet and some of the hallway (I think)

Those pallets hold our new hand scraped hardwoods that my Husband is in lust with. 

This used to be a bathroom, two bedrooms and a hallway:

And kudos to our contractor for having the guys on site on a Saturday
(I'm sure thats costing a pretty penny but mama needs to move in, so get on it, boys!)

This was a ceiling.

Those were the original appliances

Something about those flowy drapes still being hung in the windows makes me giggle. During all of this destruction, no one has taken them down. I may keep them as a memento.

Oh and P.S., those new wood beams are actually part of the new design coming to life!
That little room will (hopefully) transform from old appliance storage to the babe's play room!

This used to be a front entry, kitchen, family room, mud room and storage room

That used to be the oddest front entry ever and now it's only slightly less odd...

and this used to be a bathtub.

It's all fun and games until someone throws a bathtub into the dumpsters in your driveway.

Hope ya'll had a great weekend! 


  1. I know this will look fab after you get your hands on it and are able to add your special touch. Loved seeing y'all this weekend. xoxo

  2. Wow, so so so much work! I know it's going to look so FAB when you are done though. But, agh, I can't imagine the stress of all of this.

  3. Naps, brunching and eating a lot is the perfect repeat weekend!! Can’t wait to see the after pictures as I’m sure you just can’t wait for the after!

  4. You guys are really going for it! I bet the house is going to be beautifully unrecognizable when it's all done. You need your own HGTV show!

  5. So much progress already! Can't wait to see more!! You're feeding my renovation addiction ;)

  6. Yay! The demolition part is both scary and exciting, but doesn't it feel so much better to have everything torn out?! It looks like you have a really nice bright and open space to work with!

  7. Living through a reno is taxing! God bless your patience! Hope the new designs make your heart happy!

  8. If you have good builders, you have everything ha! It is scary but very exciting even for those of us that will never see it. Are you keeping the front door? The curtains are funny, the men probably don't have a clue how to take them down x

  9. niiiice! cant wait to see more progress. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  10. I cannot wait to see more of this! I dream of a home reno (it's actually why I started blogging to begin with!) Love that you are using the ceiling beams and hand grooved hardwood flooring!! Swoon! Can't wait to see it all - I think P and I need a cross country flight to come visit!

  11. Crazy!! I can't wait to see it all come together! We had a flag in our house while it was being demoed/renovated, and it kept getting moved around - nobody ever ripped it or threw it out. It's now in a frame in our entry way...the curtains may not match your new decor as well, but it's pretty funny to see!

  12. Wow, your brave. I have to say I had a little anxiety pop up with these pictures. I can not wait to see the final result.


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