February 2015 | Olive and Tate

The Light

You'll be pleased to know that we've survived most of the Maine end of the move. Our entire house is packed and loaded with the exception of our master bedroom and the nursery. If you use your imagination, I'm sure can imagine what type of day one might have with a 7 month old and a half packed nursery and a bedroom jammed with all the things 2.5 people and a dog need to function.


But, despite the chaos, I can see the light.

And that light is in Houston, Texas!

Through some pretty impressive finagling, begging and perfectly timed flights, I managed to plan our exit strategy in Maine to include a weekend stay for the baby at his grandparents. Perfect, right? I'll hop on a plane from the grandparents and fly solo to Houston (insert fan girl squeal over the thought of reading a magazine in silence!).

Why the trip?

We're debuting the Willow Crowns 2015 Spring Line!

Meet our new lace, Isla - she is truly spectacular and you must see her in person.

Houston girls, I am dying to meet ya'll! Megan and I will be previewing our pieces (with plenty of stock to send home with you sans pesky shipping costs) along with Esther of Cuteheads at Macaron by Pastisse in River Oaks. The event has a fabulous hostess, none other than Veronika of Veronika's Blushing!

If all that name dropping doesn't convince to drop by, then I should mention that there will be bubbles. So come!

Can't wait to see you and brag about my solo travel time!

I confess, the move edition.

I confess: that despite it all, this move snuck up on me.

I confess: doing a move with a baby is....interesting....I'm resorting to desperate measures. 

I confess: I'm a little sad to leave this house but am extremely excited to get my hands on the next one.

I confess: I organized random things like cleaning supplies, but my clothes are in giant piles all over my bedroom waiting to be sorted into "apartment" and "storage" boxes. Sorry movers, you'll be packing clothes until the very end. 

I confess: I can't stop watching Fixer Upper and Property Brothers

I confess: I was addicted to Pinterest when I was pregnant. When the baby was born I quit cold turkey and was burned out on pinning like whoa. Now that we're moving, I've hit it hard. I lay awake at night pinning play rooms and kitchen counters. I may need a 12 step program. 

I confess: I am traveling solo this weekend and I literally cannot wait to sit by myself in a crowded plane and read a magazine in silence. I may actually listen to white noise on my headphones to block out any rogue neighbor chatter. 

I confess: my feet are officially and permanently bigger since my pregnancy. I've been a size 9 since like 7th grade and I'm having the toughest time jamming my feet into my shoes. I'm currently on the hunt for new summer/South Carolina flip flops to slide into and race out the door - these are the current front runner.

I confess: a move is super hard on your waistline. We are eating constant take out and I am drinking tons of wine. Hey, the movers won't move the booze and the Two Buck Chuck isn't worth the precious space in the one vehicle that is making the trek down 95. It's a tough job, but someone has to drink all of the vino. 

I confess: I am so over Winter. I'm actually a little bent out of shape that it's forecasted to be in the 30's and 40's in SC the day we arrive. I need Vitamin D stat. 

I confess: I can't wait for the Willow Crowns Spring Line to drop! We've been working crazy hard on it and I know ya'll will love it. 

I confess: I've been holding out on some big news. I hope that next week things will be official and I can spill the beans! 

Our Last Weekend in Maine

We woke up Saturday morning to a surprise 8 inches of snow - I swear neither Justin nor I had heard a peep about more snowfall on the radio or during my Vanderpump Rules marathon Friday - but alas, we were greeted with soft, fluffy powder ready to be shoveled on Saturday morning.

I can't even begin to guess how much snow is in our yard at this point but I do know that it took Justin hours to dig out our patio set and grill so that the movers could access it on Monday morning.
Oh, what's that? The movers are coming?? Yeah, they are. And we are not ready.

I'll happily admit that with our corporate moves, we have a pack out, meaning the movers come in and pack us. While watching someone else pack your entire life is both efficient and extremely odd, we do have to manage the task of sorting, labeling and organizing the items that need to head to our temporary apartment from the items that will go into storage for the foreseeable future. 

So we spent this weekend cleaning out the fridge, throwing things away, doing endless loads of laundry and eating. Nothing glam or worth reporting, but it was our last in Maine, so I guess that means it's worth documenting! 

This week will be a bit bonkers but I'll be blogging for at least the first half of the week (I have to be on site to "supervise" the movers/hide in my room and watch Sophia The First with the baby). But if I survive, by the time this week is over, I'll actually be rewarded with a super quick trip to a super fun destination....more details soon...

Any guesses where I'll end up?? 

P.S. wanna see what our Maine house looked like when we first laid eyes on it? 
Check this post out....it's crazy what a little paint can do! 

Can't Live Without It

Happy Friday!

We are knee deep in lists, old clothes and rogue meals made from what's left in our freezer (so, you know, typical moving problems) so today's Can't Live Without It will be short and sweet.

I can't live without my palette from Bobbi Brown.

I created the original combo for my wedding day (hence the glam pic) but have refilled each item as soon as it's run out ever since. The eye shadows are the perfect set for a simple day look but can be layered and mixed to created the most gorgeous and dramatic smokey eye. 

I use the dark black with this brush as eyeliner and the soft pink blush creates the sweetest glow, especially at the end of this heinous winter weather when I don't have a glow of my own. 

Palette clockwise from the blush....

If you're interested in the story of how I ended up doing my own make up on my wedding day despite having an "artist" booked for months, then here 'ya go! 

I hope ya'll have a fab weekend! 

Resort Wear on the Cheap

I have a crush on resort wear.

There is nothing more lust worthy to me than a bright, fresh crop of dresses, cover ups and sandals in the dead of winter. Honestly, in real life, I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to sneak away from Winter and never want to waste any money on clothes when we can spend that money on experiences as a couple/family. This year, I took key pieces on our trip to St. Maarten that were all less than $75! 

Here are my faves

This maxi dress is unreal. So, so comfy, loose and still flattering. 

In these pics, the wind is playing with the shape but V neck and back detail was so flattering. I'm going to grab one in black for summer in South Carolina. I can imagine it with a turquoise pendant necklace, jean jacket and flip flops. Heaven. 
P.S. you can wear a strapless bra under it! 

Old Navy is really killing it this year and this dress is a perfect example.

It has just enough structure to be flattering but still super soft and comfy. 
There is a gold zip detail on the back that adds a bit of glam and makes it look more expensive than it is! 

This dress is a bit shorter than I envisioned when I purchased but I felt like I could get away with it at the beach. While I won't be running errands in it this summer, I def would if I could! It can easily be dressed down and tossed over a bathing suit or dressed up a bit with these earrings and a great pair of wedges like these. Update: it's currently sold out, but this one from the same boutique, Pomp and Circumstance, is very similar in shape and style.  

This was my go to outfit to run to the grocery store and when we flew out from St. Maarten to Boston. I'm totally into these mint jeans....I can't wait to pair them with navy and white for our house hunting trips to Greenville. 

| jeans | top

I tossed a million things into this tote and carried it with us wherever we went - it became my diaper bag, beach bag and purse. Because it's canvas, it took up zero space in my suitcase and was easily balled up for travel. 

| hat | tote

Ok, is it just me or is traveling with a hat impossible? I've ruined two hats by getting them wet with salt water and then ultimately crushing them in my suitcase. I'm not into buying expensive hats. This baby was from Target last year and is still holding on! I stuff my undies into it when I pack it in my suitcase and that helps hold the shape when it's packed in the suitcase. Because this cheap one was a success, I'm sticking with what works and heading to Old Navy to grab this little lady ASAP.

And for the grand finale, my favorite headband and my favorite $10 sunnies. These oversized Wayfarer style sunglasses are so dark that they are perfect for the Carribean sun (or the Maine snow)! The next time you order something from Amazon, add those babies on to your order - trust me, you won't be sorry!

Other items that made it into the precious luggage space:
these wedges (my all.time.fave.), this cover up and this one piece (on crazy sale!).

The babe scored some Resort goodies before our trip too!

I died for this little swim diaper, his tiny rash guard, bucket sun hat and his teensy Wayfarer knock offs!

And of course, all were super inexpensive! 

What are your go to steals for warm weather?

Maine House Moment

So, I'm having a moment.
 Things are a little bonkers around here.
Megan just said to me, "so, you move next week?" and I literally threw up in my mouth.
How can that be? We move in one week.... I'm not quite sure what punctuation so put at the end of that sentence, so I'll just let ya'll use your imagination. 

With our days in Maine rapidly dwindling, I'm a hot mess of emotions. I would guess the current color of my second grade mood ring would be a strong shade of Overwhelmed. To cope, I'm putting together a list of things that I'm loving in our Maine house. You know, just paying a little homage to our first home as a family of three. 

Obviously, my favorite room in our house is Gray's Nursery.
I worked so hard on that sweet little room for my babe and still get a thrill out of the decor details.

Nursery aside, my favorite spot in our house is this little corner of our Living Room

Even with wind gusts of 30 miles an hour (blizzard conditions, no big deal) and temps hitting -20 degrees (the exact weather when these photos were taken), the sun still shines through that window. In Maine, that is something to celebrate. 

I have known since the day I met Justin that we would move a lot for his career - and that I would marry him - but that's a story for another day. With that in mind, I've made the conscious effort to choose a decor style that can fit into any house - our last home was new construction, this home is one hundred and ten years old and our next home is, at this point, a temporary apartment. 

| blanket  (cheaper blanket) | pillow covers both old, similar navy | similar (and much cheaper) animal print |

The color of the walls in this room, our foyer, the staircase and our second floor hall way is Ben Moore's Palladian Blue. It's such a sweet shade of blueish green that picks up the natural light so well. It pairs beautifully with shades of grey in the blue family (which we have in our kitchen), dark blues (our formal dining room is Benjamin Moore Hamilton Blue) and both painted and stained wood. 

| sofa | coffee table similar

I made the art piece on the wall with a large canvas from Hobby Lobby, a handful of paints and a pre-fab frame. The two small gold framed pieces are two of my favorite travel souvenirs - two $5 prints from a road side stand in Aruba. They bring just the right amount of color and style to a thin strip of wall that needed some love. 

| side table |  large silver frame | floor lamp |

And oh this rug. 
(I get more questions about this rug on Insta and via email than any other detail in our home!) 
So, so inexpensive, soft, rugged and able to take Lab hair and baby vomit like a champ.
Sadly, this exact rug is sold out in all sizes but I found an exact copy here

To the left of the grey sofa is Justin's man chair, his main perch for screaming at the Clemson Tigers while they play football.

Directly to the right of the tan sofa is Gray's giant play yard, his main perch for listening to the same baby jam on repeat, gnawing on things and screeching at the Clemson Tigers while they play football.

And for the emotional high point of today's post, I give you this little gem:
no matter how many times you move, each house holds so many memories and so much love that when push comes to shove, it's hard to part with.

Phew, that's over. I think tossing the Maine house a little public love takes the pressure off the fact that I don't really have the time to process that we're leaving this puppy for good.
Thanks for indulging me, your job as my collective therapist is officially fulfilled for the week day. Promise!

Fingers crossed that we have a new house in South Carolina to talk about soon!

The Details

This morning we woke up in our new home town of Greenville, SC. If you're keeping track (uh, if you are, kudos, because I can't even do that), we were home in Maine for roughly 36 hours before we hit the skies again. 

Just like our move to Maine, this move will take place at break neck speed and with just enough chaos to send me running for my secret stash of Ativan. But you know what they say: 

So here are the details that we know at this point: 

We put our house in Maine on the market in November (which is terrible timing for Northern Maine....holidays plus feet of snow equal no showings). We were pleased with the amount of showings our house pulled off and the week before we left for St. Maarten we entered a multi-bid situation and accepted an offer! Because of our corporate relocation program, we technically no longer own our home in Maine and have already taken the moola to the bank! 

Now that we are homeless, things are going a little bit bonkers. Our Household Goods Move (code for "packing up all of our shit") is scheduled for February 23-25....meaning we have to have somewhere for our crap to go ASAP. 

Greenville is an incredibly competitive housing market - in fact, we put an ofer in on a house in a great neighborhood while we were in St. Maarten....sight unseen. (Yeeeees, that is how we bought our house in Maine too.) A quick Face Time tour and we put in an offer after the house had only been on the market for 24 hours. We were offer #5 and sadly were not the bid chosen. So, now we start again. 

Over the course of this week, Justin will work out of his Greenville office and Gray and I will drive our fave 'hoods looking for fresh For Sale signage. We're also on the hunt for a month to month apartment because we obviously won't own a home in time for our official re-lo. 

And get this: it's too cold in Maine for us to fly the dog down so Justin is going to have to drive her....the one and only time we drove from SC to ME it took us 24 hours of driving. I'll be flying the baby and setting up our apartment while he suffers through that. I do like to give that kid crap, but honestly, I feel super bad that he has to make that miserable drive.

We will officially be SC residents by March 1 at the very latest...just 20 short days away. 

Lawd, help me.
(and yes, my accent is back. I just can't help it.)

So now I need ya'lls help! What Greenville bloggers do I need to follow, meet and chat with?? Tell me, tell me! 

The best news. Ever.

You guys.

It happened. 
Well, it's been happening, but I never believe it until the check is cut.

We sold our house in Maine! 

| dress

In the middle of a freaking blizzard we found ourselves in a bidding war and actually sold our house.

I could die of excitement. 
We are officially moving back South to Greenville, South Carolina! 

Oh, funny you should ask.

The moving truck pulls up in exactly 20 days. 

We never do things Nice and Easy around here so why should a move with a 7 month old, a dog and a husband who travels for work two weeks out of the month be any different? 

Ya'll ready to house hunt with me?? 

More details soon!