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She works hard for it, honey.

Sorry for the radio silence around here! 
G and I are in Houston working our fingers to the bone cutting glitter bows.

Ha, just kidding. I can't cut in a straight line and he spends too much time attempting to eat the finished product so we've been relegated to package stuffer and play mat layer extraordinaire, respectively. 

We'll be in Texas through next week and Meg and I are crazy busy working on so many fun things for our little business

I'm going to take a quick blog break but obviously I'll be on Instagram non-stop. 

If you aren't following yet (@newlywedsnorth) then you best get on it because it's a crap storm of crazy on my account these days. I mean, how many posts about a baby sleep strike can one girl do? I think I might be setting the record. Try not to be jealous

Have a fabulous week, friends. 


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  1. I've loved seeing all of your instas! Work hard ladies!!


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