Weekend Photos and some teensy, tiny, barely important news.

This was a lazy weekend to say the least...
nothing much happened....

we rented  movies, ate take out and drank wine on the rainiest Friday night of all time

made an emergency run to Target for the fuel that runs all baby parents: 
DD batteries and strong coffee 
(I swear if that swing doesn't swing, our world stops)

| rug | comfiest shoes similar

Devoured our favorite Saturday morning treat.
Standard Fall order: glazed pumpkin donuts and a honey bun

Prepped for the Willow Crowns Winter Collection drop 
(November 3rd....and ya'll it is so amazing)

Got all dressed up for the Clemson game Saturday night

served as a teething toy

passed out before kick off

kept up our Calories Don't Count On The Weekends Philosophy 

Escaped for some Mama time

| diaper bag | old vest similar | old flats similar | leggings | sweatshirt

and there was something else....

what was it....

I know I'm forgetting to tell ya'll something....

Oh yeah! 

We officially accepted a new job placement within Justin's company.....

 in Greenville, SC! 

I can't believe it! 
We're coming home, ya'll! 

More details tomorrow! 


  1. So thrilled it is official!!! Over the moon for y'all! xoxo

  2. mmmmm donuts and burgers. now im hungry!
    AND congrats on the new job and MOVE!! does this mean you get to skip winter in the north? i hope so :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. That's so awesome you're moving back to SC!! And glazed pumpkin donuts or is it doughnuts? look amazing!

  4. SO so excited for the official announcement and your move back to SC!! :) Just in time to miss the Maine winter!

  5. Congratulations Willinghams! So excited for y'all but sad to have our northerner family leave! We will certainly be up to Bangor for a visit before the big move. xoxo

  6. That is awesome news!!! Can't wait to have y'all back in SC - we will have to have a celebratory girls night out dinner to welcome you back!!

  7. This is so exciting :) No more Newlyweds and no more North! So excited to hear the details!

  8. The best announcement ever! And Gray's face says it all. Can't even handle it.

  9. Congratulations!! That is so exciting and I'm sure you're thrilled to be back home with your little one.

  10. AHHHH congratulations on the move!! Just in time to miss the winter!!

  11. Ahhh so exciting! I'm so happy for you guys, Greenville seems like the best place ever to have a family, and that's awesome you're moving back! I can't wait to find out more about your move and follow along as you guys move back down South! xoxo

  12. YAY congratulations on the big news!! You've been building such suspense... very excited to hear that it is something so wonderful for you guys!

  13. Yay for moving back home!! Love Gray in the last one :)


  14. So exciting that y'all are moving back to sunny SC! Congratulations!

  15. Did I call that or did I call that ?? :) So excited for ya'll and I know you couldn't be happier to be back close to family and friends!!

  16. I'm so happy of you! Will you get out before winter get bad?

  17. Yayy! So glad it's finally official! Andrew and I are thrilled to have you, J and baby Gray back in Greenville with us! We can't wait for lots of dinner parties and play dates (whats?!) in the near future. We love the three of you! xoxo

  18. So jealous! I miss Greenville so much! My husband's job has brought us to South Florida (which I love) but there really is no place like home! Enjoy :)

    Mallory @ Channeling My Inner Jackie www.myinnerjackie.blogspot.com

  19. Sitting here watching the RI weather. Looks like 8-9 inches heading towards Bangor. Rock those boots girl! How about Newlyweds North/South? Love to keep up with you-better than the Kardashions. Keep up the good work Mom. Love from your Mom & Dad's "Island" friends Jeannie & Ross


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