Weekend Photos and some teensy, tiny, barely important news.

This was a lazy weekend to say the least...
nothing much happened....

we rented  movies, ate take out and drank wine on the rainiest Friday night of all time

made an emergency run to Target for the fuel that runs all baby parents: 
DD batteries and strong coffee 
(I swear if that swing doesn't swing, our world stops)

| rug | comfiest shoes similar

Devoured our favorite Saturday morning treat.
Standard Fall order: glazed pumpkin donuts and a honey bun

Prepped for the Willow Crowns Winter Collection drop 
(November 3rd....and ya'll it is so amazing)

Got all dressed up for the Clemson game Saturday night

served as a teething toy

passed out before kick off

kept up our Calories Don't Count On The Weekends Philosophy 

Escaped for some Mama time

| diaper bag | old vest similar | old flats similar | leggings | sweatshirt

and there was something else....

what was it....

I know I'm forgetting to tell ya'll something....

Oh yeah! 

We officially accepted a new job placement within Justin's company.....

 in Greenville, SC! 

I can't believe it! 
We're coming home, ya'll! 

More details tomorrow!