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Can't Live Without It

Stop the Presses.

I have been searching for the bootie that I felt cool enough to pull off for a year.

I wanted a shade of grey, easy on and off, a wedge for day that could transition to night and a reasonable price point. Comfort and ability to tolerate Maine precipitation would have to be a bonus.

But just last week I found them.

All of my dreams come true in one bootie.

And best of all?

They are half off.



  1. Love those!! I was looking for something similar but haven't committed yet. I don't know if I'm trendy/hip enough for booties. haha

  2. Cute! I'm on the search for winter shoes and these are a great find!

  3. I just bought those, thank you very much! mwah! Now can you text me and tell me how to take selfies like that, mine never turn out right.

  4. SO cute!! i love the color too :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. Perfect! I've been dying to get a pair from Aldo, but the fact of spending $90, has me a little sticker shocked!

  6. Just ordered those same booties and they arrive this week! I love them and they are so comfortable!

  7. Those are so cute! I struggle to find cute booties too. Those are perfect though!

  8. I have the same booties and LOVE them!

  9. Loveeee them! I have. Similar pair that I have been wearing constantly since I purchased them! They go with everything!

  10. I love them! I've been searching for some too, and haven't found ones quite this cute! Are they comfortable?

    1. they are comfy! i havent worn heels since early in my pregnancy so the wedge is easing me back in....the ankle is comfy too bc of the stretchy panel!

  11. In love with them! I totally want to raid your closet!


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