Can't live without it

Ya'll....I just can't even.
It finally happened.

I found THE faux fur vest that I've been hunting for....
not too bulky, the right length, glam finishes, a gorgeous color and, most importantly, the right price point.

I couldn't wait until Monday and just had to share it with ya'll for this week's Can't Live Without It.

Wanna see it??

I snapped this shot on the fly

And this is how I'm rocking it today:

| vest | scarf, DIY | nude flats | jeans |

Can you believe that price? 
Um, yeah. 

I'm obsessed with the faux leather trim down the center! I wish I could explain how long I've been searching for just the right fur's kinda sad, so I'll just leave it to your imagination. 

I will obviously be rocking this vest all weekend long. 
Watch out Target, I'm coming for you, faux fur guns blazing! 

Hope y'all have a fab weekend! 

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  1. That scarf is gorgeous. I'm sure in going to get mocked and ridiculed for this question, but how does one DIY a scarf? Did you just pick out a bolt of fabric that you liked and cut to size? Do you need to hem the edges? More details, please!!


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