The Real Life Nursery Reveal (and a few of my finest parenting moments)

Priority nĂºmero uno is to keep things real around here, even if doing so requires showing my spit up covered life to the entire internet.
Today just so happens to be a day full of a whole lotta real.
Brace yourselves.

Do ya'll remember the beautiful nursery that I spent months and months planning prior to Baby Gray's arrival?

Go ahead, take a look at it, I'll wait.....

Super cute for a little Mainer, if I do say so myself.

I worked oh so hard to make a sweet space that would be my little boy's very first room. Fueled by pregnancy hormones, I crafted a mobile and art piece, painted furniture, washed and folded all of his teeny clothes and agonized over the most perfect baby boy accessories.

And that, my friends, has all gone to hell in a hand basket.

Take a look at that sweet little nursery now:

Not exactly Pinterest worthy, huh?

I didn't even bother to edit the photos because I thought they were best in all of their over-exposed glory.

But this is Real Life. 

Not Blogger Life, which can leave a girl feeling like life is supposed to only be shiny and full of gold polka dot decals, but real life. And my real life is full of laundry, a swing without a bouncy seat attached, a baby sleeping in his car seat instead of his beautiful Pottery Barn crib and a billion swaddles tossed aside because he can somehow bust out of of them. 

Wanna know what else is super glam?

The fact that we stay in our jammies for our first two morning bottles.
And most days, we stay in our bed for those first bottles, too.

Is it sad that I looked at this pic and thought, "well, at least the eye make up smeared under my eye proves that I put on eye make up the day before"? 
No comments on how I clearly didn't bother to take it off before bed.

And for the grand finale, our trip to Target this week for mandatory diapers and wipes resulted in the baby projectile vomiting with so much passion that the vomit pooled in his car seat, the buckles of his harness and around his feet. To top it off, he managed to shoot the barf so hard out of his mouth that it made it out of the cart and into a puddle on the floor.

(for the record, I took these photos to send to the pediatrician because I am a first time mom and therefore positive that my child has managed to catch SARS anytime he hiccups)

Ever seen that crazy lady with smudged, day old eye make up and a screaming baby on her hands and knees wiping up barf in the baby section of Target? 
Oh yeah, that's me. 

But look how cute he looked before we left the house! 

Who's ready for baby #2?!
(that's complete and total sarcasm, no one panic)