Life Lately

Is anyone still out there? I hope so, because I've missed ya'll! 
I'm so sorry to leave everyone hanging for like a week (!) and for worrying some of parents and husband have asked me to blog (for godsakes!) because they are getting calls and texts checking in on me and the babe. As my mom put it, I went from "giving everyone way too much info to no info at all and it's throwing people for a loop!". Sorry bout that guys! 

Basically over the last week we've had two different sets of symptoms that may have indicated pre-term labor. I won't bore you with the details but last week's symptoms were really painful for me and left me pretty miz. Those pains were the first blog break. After I finally decided that maybe I should call the doctor and get some medicine, I spent a day or two just reveling in my drug induced, pain-free haze and sleeping a ton. 

I made it back to my regular giant pregnant uncomfortable self just in time for the weekend and begged Justin to take me to the Carriage Roads in Acadia. The trails are flat and wide and perfect for waddling. The weather was Heavenly and I waddled for an hour before we called it quits. 
(I was super proud of myself!)

After our "hike", we met up with Mark and all of our friends in Bar Harbor to watch the USA soccer game, horse race and Rangers hockey game. Plus drink a million drinks (them), eat lots of fried bar foods (me) and laugh a ton. I made it until 9pm and managed to DD the 45 minute drive home! Those are some big moves for the third trimester!

Justin and Mark love soccer and both still play in rec leagues together up here in Maine. In fact, Mark is about to embark on a trip of a lifetime to Brazil to attend the World Cup! They were both happy little clams watching the game and pretending like they could have handled the plays better than our national players.

We left the rest of the crew to terrorize the bar scene in Bar Harbor overnight (and terrorize it they did!) and headed home so that we could get some exciting married life things accomplished on Sunday: Sam's Club, yard work and baking! Watch out!

And then Monday rolled around. 

 I set an alarm to wake up at 8am to blog and say hey to ya'll but for some reason I slept so hard that I didn't wake up until noon when Justin came home to surprise me with a lunch date. I was feeling groggy (but ok) so off to lunch we went. I was surprised with yet another labor symptom right after our lunch date that sent me straight to the doctor's office for a few hours Monday afternoon. It seems that the doctor is confident that we're both ok and baby boy needs to hang out in my bump for a few more weeks. We have another ultrasound that was already on the books for next week and we'll check on his position, size and fluid level. I spent the rest of Monday in bed hoping that the symptoms wouldn't return and that baby Gray would get back to his normal active routine. 
So far, so good! 

 I'm going to work hard today to get some posts lined up for ya'll so I don't leave you hanging for so long! Love you, mean it!