Bumpdate: 36 Weeks

Hey ya'll! I'm still pregnant and I thought you might want to see what my belly looks like at 9 months pregnant. Let's face it, I'm super nosey and I always want to know what people's bellies end up looking like after they have a giant human inside of them. 

So here it is: a completely unedited, super un glam bathroom selfie.

How Far Along: 36 weeks, 2 days

Size of Babe: 7lbs
(one whole pound over schedule)

Gender: baby boy

Symptoms: incredible rib pain, no sleep at night, a big belly with a big breech baby in it.

Loving: still loving lemonade, lots of pillows, Pepsi in baby cans, being able to leave the house, that Justin has next week off!

Loathing: stranger comments about how I must be due any day. Um, technically, I'm not, Not even close. So shut it stranger people.

Husband: is ready to meet our baby! And to have a week off next week!

Wedding Rings: Nope

Belly Button: still flat, I'm thinking it might not pop

Movement: unless it's direct kick to my ribs, movements are slow stretches and head pokes out of my belly

Maternity Clothes: still mixing and matching!

Best Part of the Week: I hope it's tomorrow when they tell me I've dilated another centimeter and I can have him!

Worst Part of the Week: honestly, last night was the most painful of my pregnancy (including my nights in the hospital). 

Can't Wait: to be this babe's mama