Bumpdate: 35 Weeks, from bed

(oh yeah, I copied that pic on Pinterest, so sue me)

How Far Along: 35 weeks, 1 day!

Size Of Babe: well over 6lbs by now, we'll get exact measurements on Thursday. I never thought I'd be thrilled to have a big baby, but his weight and development will hopefully keep him out of the NICU so I'm incredibly grateful for the linebacker in my belly.

Gender: all boy

Symptoms: I guess at this point, the only symptom that really matters is if I'm contracting or not...and I still am, especially towards the end of my med cycle. Some days are worse than others but he's still in there and not out here, so we can call it all a win at this point.

Loving: the World Cup, actually. It's really nice to have something new constantly on in the background. And let's be honest, a majority of these soccer players are amazingly hot and have tendencies to take their shirts off. No complaints here!

Loathing: the unknown. I hate knowing that I could make it to 36 weeks and then stop the meds only to not go into full labor. That would seriously be insult to injury seeing as this kid has tried to make his appearance multiple times in the last 7 days.

Husband: is working hard, trying to save all of his vacation for the babe's arrival, especially now that we're almost positive that we'll have a C Section. I miss him during the day but I'm glad that we aren't hanging out in the hospital as our quality time. Husband also has a birthday coming up! Sadly, I'll still be on bed rest so I'm having a tough time deciding what to do, but I want him to know his 29th birthday is still super important to me (despite all of this baby business) so I'm brainstorming away.

Wedding Rings: ya'll know the answer to this

Belly Button: is still flat and is surprisingly not an outtie

Movement: yes, but his breech position makes things a bit weird. He's been getting the hiccups at 4am every morning which makes me giggle.

Maternity Clothes: I basically only wear pj's these days so it's mostly non-maternity clothes

Best Part of the Week: making it out of week 34 and into week 35! Only 6 more days of meds!

Worst Part of the Week: eh, bed rest blows

Missing Most: freeeeeedom!
(said in my best Braveheart voice)
Can't Wait: for our baby boy to get here (after 36 weeks, 1 day of course!). I can't wait to see what he looks like...Justin and I have such different coloring and features, I can't even imagine who this babe will favor. 

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  1. So could Gray possibly be born on Justin's birthday?! How neat would that be? You have such a good attitude through all this!

  2. Stay positive mama! Take advantage of the time by yourself :)

  3. Amazing picture!! Keep up the positive thoughts and the minute you see that beautiful boys face, bed rest will be a distant past that you barely remember!!

  4. Hang in there mama! Rest up and take advantage of uninterrupted TV time (Bravo obvi). Hope Justin has a great bday and all goes well for the next week or so. We'll be thinking of you all. Miss you! XO

  5. LOVE that photo! :) You have been such a trooper, baby Gray has definitely give y'all a wild ride lately. It will all be worth it once you have him in your arms!

  6. Aw hang in there! You are doin great! Cook that babe as long as you can ;)

  7. hang in there! love love that photo!!! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  8. That photo is beautiful! Watch some trashy TV for me ;)

  9. I can't believe the little/big one can literally be here as of next week!! Ahh I say try and enjoy bedrest and coordinate with your hubby's friends to have them take out your man on his birthday!


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